Short Takes

Ordinance changes positive step THUMBS UP: The Marshall City Council on Tuesday heard a proposed change to city ordinances to make it possible for Ralco to build ...

Reasons to worry about Marshall

To the editor: I appreciate seeing the article “Full Circle” in the weekend edition of the Independent. Marshall is blessed to have a ...

Women’s baseball teams

Part I: Women actually played baseball? You’ve got to be kidding! Not only did they play “men’s baseball,” they played on baseball leagues across ...

Jupiter reigns supreme in May evening skies

Ways to be ‘greener’

Grace Maertens, CSJ (Sr. Mary David)

This fun-loving, life-long elementary teacher and “Right to Read” leader was born March 8, 1926, on a small farm near Ghent and died April 26, 2017, at ...

Marie Walters

Dianne Engholm

What grade would you give Trump's presidency in his first 100 days?

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