The rush to repeal health care law

Last Thursday the Senate leadership pulled the veil off of their health care repeal and replacement act. While Senators struggled to read and understand the 142-page ...

Dangerous situation on County Road 7

To the editor: We live on the corner of Westwood Drive and Cumberland Road in Marshall. Our backyard is County Road 7. From our deck, we have seen many ...

Ask a trooper

Question: I was told that the fine for speeding in a construction zone had increased recently. Could you also explain the zipper merge for merging into construction ...

Controlling living environment

Do the math: How to get the best of balance transfer offers

Lester Chandler

BALATON — Services for Lester G. Chandler, 85, of Balaton will be at 1 p.m. Thursday, July 6, at the United Methodist Church in Balaton. Visitation will be ...

Donald “Donnie” Mark Schuelke IV

Verna Olson

Are you going on a vacation or a staycation this summer?

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