Area preachers stage protest at former Juice Bar in Lynd

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LYND – Late Friday evening the sounds of heavy metal music competed with the loudspeaker system of preachers John Chisham, Jake Larson and Eric Espinosa in downtown Lynd.

The preachers stationed themselves outside a building that formerly housed a business known as The Juice Bar, which features nude dancers.

The Juice Bar opened in October. In early November, the Lynd City Council passed an adult business ordinance which established a $3,000 per year licensing fee and required an adult business must be located at least 700 feet from a residence, playground, daycare, or other adult business and limited the hours of operation from 10 p.m. to midnight.

Now, according to Dale Peterson, it is strictly a private residence which hosts private parties. A $10 donation is suggested.

Inside, about six women were dancing for tips for an audience of less than a dozen people.

Chisham was formerly a pastor at the River of Life Alliance Church in Marshall but said he has resigned. Chisham said he was ordained in the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

“I’m here because of the Juice Bar,” Chisham said. “I heard about it from some friends on the golf course, and I thought it would be a good place to preach. I’m just trying to bring people to Christ.”

Jake Larson, who said he is a pastor at Bethel Fellowship in Minneota, was using the portable loudspeaker system to tell partygoers they were objectifying women.

Eric Espinosa calls himself a reformed sinner.

“I’m out here spreading the Gospel,” Espinosa said. “They’re where I once was. I was a drug user, an alcoholic and engaged in criminalistic activities.”

Espinosa said he was saved six months ago.

“They’re very annoying,” Peterson said. “They bother my guests, calling them names and stuff as they come into my home.”

Outside, Lyon County Deputy Sheriff Adam Connor came in response to a complaint about the loudspeaker from a next door neighbor.

“It’s 11 o’clock in the (expletive) evening!” said the neighbor, who declined to identify himself to the Independent. “My daughter can’t sleep because of the noise.”

Chisham admonished him.

“Hey now, no F-bombs,” Chisham said.

Connor asked Chisham not to intervene and told the preachers to turn of the loudspeaker.

“I can’t regulate the content of the speech,” Connor said, “only the noise level.”

Chisham said he was assaulted by a patron outside the Juice Bar in late November. He said he’ll continue to be in front of the residence most Fridays and Saturdays.