Examining ‘The Land of the Free’

To the editor:

I want to preface this piece by saying that I am completely, 100 percent, warm blooded American. I eat apple pie and read Playboy like everyone else. I was born and raised here, and have no plans to leave.

However, even from my limited view of the world from rural Minnesota I have found that my entire life we have been dancing to the symphony of destruction in this country. I’m am 30. Let us take a long look in the mirror. We call ourselves “The Land of the Free.” Let’s dissect this for a moment. What freedoms do we truly have? I will make a partial list just for illustration. It is by no means comprehensive.

You have the freedom to follow the laws of the land, which you had no say in either their creation or enforcement. You have the freedom to pay taxes. You have the freedom to be a loyal consumer. You have the freedom to believe what the government tells you. You have the right to participate in a legal system which determines penalties not by guilt or innocence, but how much money and political clout you have attained. You have the right to vote in a political system which is totalitarian and a de facto two party system. You have the right to watch on TV as third party candidates are arrested for trying to debate the two dominating parties. You have the right to choose between a president who gave away billions of dollars away to little Eichmanns in places of financial power who caused a financial crisis while 20 percent of African American children go to bed hungry, and a religious lunatic who believes in wearing holy underwear, that he will someday become a god, and that he will get to have unending sex in order to populate his own “private” planet; in addition to the fact that he pioneered the concept of outsourcing jobs to China.

Finally, following in the fine tradition of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, we have the freedom to force our form of democracy on anyone we chose, even at the cost of silencing their own voices.

Why would any foreign country oppose such “freedom?” Could it be that in the process of practicing these freedoms we are in fact subjecting ourselves and others to slavery? Could it be that in addition to the reasons listed above other countries are completely disgusted by our culture? Is it that hard to fathom that other countries do not want Snooki, J Wow, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and the Kardashian girls as spokesman for their generation?

Is this Democracy? Is this what the founding fathers fought for? More importantly, is this what our troops are fighting for? Maybe, if we let the troops come home long enough to see what a sham our country has become they would think twice about risking their lives for it.

Amir Zal