Short takes for Jan. 11

Patriots pitch in

THUMBS UP: Marshall High School Activities Director Bruce Remme recently sent an email to the Minnesota State High School League’s John Milea singing the praises of the Sioux Falls Lincoln boys basketball team after it played against Marshall, and we join him in recognizing a class act performed by some tremendous student-athletes. After the game, team members took it upon themselves to help set up for a Marshall gymnastics invitational scheduled for the next day. Pretty cool move by a group of basketball players who just lost its first game of the season. Oftentimes, teens get a bad rap; they’re looked at as a collective whole and are sometimes judged negatively by a small portion of teens who make poor decisions and use bad judgement – what these student-athletes did was remind us that we would be remiss if we accept this kind of broad stereotyping and that while there might be some bad apples out there, the majority of teens are good people, stewards even, people we, even as adults, can look up to. Some students stand out for their prowess on the court or field. Some because they’re 4.0 students. And some, as we have been reminded by members of this basketball team, the Patriots, stand out because they’re just good people. We need more of this from our teens – athletes or not. The Patriots might not have scored enough points to win a basketball game that night, but they proved they’re winners after it.

Flu has muscle, scary muscle

THUMBS DOWN: The flu season has taken a major toll already in Minnesota, as five flu-related deaths have been confirmed in the state. Don’t take this lightly, folks – we’re not talking about annoying runny noses here. Do whatever you think is best for your health this flu season – whether that means getting a flu shot or simply washing your hands multiple times a day. More than 900 Minnesotans have been hospitalized so far this season – do what you can to avoid joining that group.

A big ‘step’

THUMBS UP: It’s time for businesses in Marshall to step up and go green. Organizers of Marshall’s GreenStep program will begin to recognize local businesses that are doing their part by becoming more efficient and helping the environment. Think about ways you and your businesses can make a difference. Separately, you will help your own businesses, together we can all help make this community a better place to live and work.