A ‘bunch of lies’

A ‘bunch of lies’

To the editor:

Pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV and all you hear or read are a bunch of lies. Obama said that our taxes will not go up one dime. Hell no, they went up hundreds of dollars. Nancy Pelosi said we have to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it. She must have had to go to college for about 20 years to come up with that statement.

“I have a car I would like to sell her like that.”

Then Joe Biden would like more gun laws that could lead to guns (being) confiscated. That would work as good as a restraining order. That piece of paper will not stop a person from killing you.

If you want protect, get a 357 revolver and use it – that’s what I would call a restraining order. Our government cannot or will not protect us. When they give guns to the Mexico drug cartel then lie about it. They, Obama, Hillary Clinton and four or five more of them watch four of our people in Benghazi get killed and did not send help.

If our government confiscates our guns we would be like Syria. The people of Syria are throwing rocks at tanks. Over 60,000 people in Syrian have been killed. They have no guns to protect themselves.

Last year, 2012, we had:

43,000 killed in cars

12,000 die from binge drinking

over 600 killed with a hammer

503 killed with a gun

In the Tracy Headlight Herald “Jan. 9, 2013,” Senator John Marty said why can we regulate vehicles but not guns with 43,000 killed. I would say it’s not working.

On the day of the Sandy Hook killing 22 people were stabbed in China. They have no guns there but have knives; eight more (were) stabbed in a country that also don’t have guns. “Laws were made to be broken.”

Bud Payne

Walnut Grove