Superintendent’s column for Jan. 16

Marshall superintendent

Paraprofessional Week Jan. 13-19

Who provides extra support for reading teachers? Who attends to the special needs of our students? Who provides playground supervision and fills the critical operational duties in the school district? The paraprofessionals are educational support staff that provides key services to meet the many needs of our school-aged children.

In recognition for all they do, Gov. Mark Dayton has declared this week as Paraprofessional Week in Minnesota. This is a week to honor those dedicated individuals in educational settings that assist teachers to meet the needs of students in Marshall Public Schools. It is with pride that I publicly acknowledge the cadre of paraprofessionals in Marshall Public Schools. They are a valued group that works under the direct supervision of the regular education and special needs teachers to enhance the learning experiences of students. Without their support and assistance our classrooms and learning environments would surely suffer.

Statewide recognition of the paraprofessionals that provide an extremely important service for schools and districts across Minnesota during this week is important. As we celebrate Paraprofessionals Week in Minnesota, I ask that you would join me in recognizing the work of our dedicated paraprofessionals and thank them for helping meet the ongoing needs of our students and our system. It is through their dedication and support that we are able to continue providing high quality programs and services for all students.

Marshall Public Schools appreciates all these phenomenal members of our district. They assure that our mission statement, “developing the potential of each learner for success in a changing world” is happening each day. Thank you paras!!