Campus notes for Jan. 23

Minnesota West announces the fall semester 2012 dean’s list

Minnesota West Community and Technical College announce the fall semester 2012 dean’s list.

Students must be enrolled in at least 12 graded credits and earn a minimum 3.5 grade point average to be eligible for dean’s list honors. Fall 2012 dean’s list honors were extended to the following students from Minnesota West Community and Technical College:

Canby campus: Daniel Hacker, Canby; Maricruz Maldonado, Canby; Amanda Otteson, Canby; Emily Sowder, Canby; Brian Cam, Dawson; Emma Weber, Dawson; Angela Coners, Hendricks; Jackie Peterson, Hendricks; Heather Lacek, Ivanhoe; Paul Becker, Lake Benton; Tanya Duppong, Lake Benton; Jacqueline Callens, Marshall; Michael Donner, Marshall; Travis Jones, Marshall; Eric Lindemann, Marshall; Cole Salfer, Marshall; Snowflower Yang, Marshall; Jacob Hoffman, Porter; Anthony Callens, Taunton; Alex Scarset, Tracy; Jeffrey Peters, Tyler.

Granite Falls campus: Elisa Gjermundson, Belview; Tessa Bossuyt, Clarkfield; Jesica Rosburg, Clarkfield; Granite Falls; Angela Evans, Cottonwood; Alexis Johnson, Cottonwood; Cynthia Kollar, Cottonwood; Brenda Matthys, Cottonwood; Mark McClain, Cottonwood; Tami Schmidt, Cottonwood; David Lien, Dawson; Chastity Kuehn, Echo; Lucas Stefanick, Garvin; Jamie Boerboom, Ghent; Cody Esping, Ghent; Lee Burgeson, Granite Falls; Brianna Doty, Granite Falls; Robert Reeves, Granite Falls; Luke Streblow, Granite Falls; Daniella Trauba, Granite Falls; Alycia Whitley, Granite Falls; Laura Oftedahl, Hanley Falls; Tonya Lightfoot, Lynd; Reba Ritter, Marshall; Rose Shellenberg, Marshall; Krista Johnson, Minneota; Lori Haase, Wabasso; Chelsie Dallenbach, Walnut Grove; Tracy Gundermann, Westbrook.

Jackson campus: Levi Brummer, Westbrook.

Online: Heather Briggs, Canby; Kirk Wisecup, Canby; Joleen Warwick, Granite Falls; Jessica Gronke, Ivanhoe; Tanya Balko, Marshall; Ramona Christiansen, Marshall; Mai Xiong, Marshall; Jessica Laleman, Minneota; Brandi Stefansen, Minneota; Anna Josephson, Taunton; Nichole Josephson. Taunton; Tyler Looft. Tyler.

Pipestone campus: Alyssa Becker, Balaton; Sara Vogt, Balaton; Emily Enestvedt, Belview; Anna Faugstad, Belview; Jessica Steele, Hendricks; Shawn Lietz, Ivanhoe; Sarah Behrens, Marshall; Katelyn Crowell, Marshall; Phu Quang Do, Marshall; Kendra Krog, Marshall; Hunter Holck, Ruthton; Lynn Verly, Ruthton; Danelle Doyscher, Tyler; Kristin Fritz, Tyler; Heather Sitzmann, Tyler.

Worthington campus: Stephanie Maras, Balaton; Jackie Sieverding, Currie; Aaron Schroeder, Marshall; Kathryn Bedner, Slayton; Pamela Giles, Tracy; Kendra Haase, Wabasso; Joleen Baumann, Walnut Grove; Adrian Hoesli, Walnut Grove; Jared Lindaman, Westbrook.

Area students on SCSU dean’s list

St. Cloud State University has announced the names of 1,432 students whose academic achievement placed them on the fall semester dean’s list. To be eligible for the honor, students must have a grade point average of 3.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Canby: Alex Kontz, Bradley Wollum. Dawson: Kassandra Lindblad, Kate Seivert. Ivanhoe: Susan Vizecky. Marshall: Morgan Louwagie. Minneota: Adam Josephson. Vesta: Clair Henriksen.

NDSCS announces honor list

The North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, N.D., has named 342 students to its fall semester 2012 president’s honor list.

The honor list recognizes students who have achieved grade point averages of 3.5 or higher while taking at least 12 credit hours. The honorees include:

Balaton: Jason Kvale. Marshall: Amelia Kraft.

Gullickson named to dean’s list

Ryan Gullickson of Currie was named to the dean’s list at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the fall semester of the 2012-2013 academic year.

Students who achieve at a high level academically are recognized by the dean at the close of each semester. To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must complete a minimum of 12 graded degree credits in that semester.

UMD announces dean’s list for fall semester 2012

The University of Minnesota Duluth has announced its dean’s list for fall semester 2012. Students on the dean’s list have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Area students named to the dean’s list are:

Cottonwood: Camille Doom. Dawson: Ashley Tensen. Garvin: David M. Jones. Marshall: Rebecca Sammons.

Lee named to dean’s list at UND

Kelsey Lee of Dawson was named to the University of North Dakota dean’s list.

The dean’s list includes students whose grade point averages are in the top 15 percent of the enrollment in each of the University’s degree granting colleges and schools. A student must have completed no fewer than 12 semester hours of academic work for the semester, of which eight or more hours must be graded work rather than “satisfactory/unsatisfactory.”

Lee included on fall 2012 UND D.J. Robertson list

The University of North Dakota has named more than 60 Minnesota students, mostly freshmen, to receive the D.J. Robertson Award for earning “straight A” averages for the 2012 fall semester. Kelsey Lee of Dawson was one of the recipients.

The award is presented to students who earn 4.0 grade point averages for the semester, while completing a minimum of 12 graded hours of academic coursework.