Lincoln County authorizes courthouse repairs

IVANHOE?- The Lincoln County Board authorized repairs to the courthouse sewer pipes at the recommendation of Maintenance Supervisor Craig Larson at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

Curt Hlavacek, owner of Harry’s Elite Drain and Sewer in Watertown, S.D., presented the commissioners with plans and estimates for three projects involving descaling and cleaning of cast iron pipe, removal of root intrusion of clay pipe and relining with a special plastic mixture that can be applied without having to dig up pipe or remove floors.

The board voted to approve two parts of the project, and decide about the third at a later date.

The first project is to reline the sewer pipe from the assembly room to the manhole at the main entrance on the south side of the building, at an estimated cost of $22,645.

The second project will reline pipe from the manhole on the south side of the building to the city main, estimated to cost $13,270.

The third project would reline pipe from the judge’s chamber restroom to the assembly room at a cost of $19,695 but was deemed the least urgent of the three.

Work will start when weather permits, Hlavacek said.

In other business, the board voted at the request of Environmental Director Robert Olsen to transfer $48,000 from the general fund to the ditch authority to cover work done on County Ditch 33 and Judicial Ditch 29 in 2012.

The board also voted to apply for an outreach grant from the state Department of Veterans Affairs for $2,298. The grants are automatically given in equal amounts to all counties in the state.

Part of the funds will be used to advertise for a replacement for Veterans Services Officer Gary Serie, who is retiring after 20 years on the job.