Lyon County Board of Commissioners

January 24, 2013


Approved MINUTES



December 18, 2012

9:00 AM – Pursuant to notice, the Lyon County Board of Commissioners convened with the following members present: Commissioners Fenske, Stensrud, Goodenow, Fenske, Ritter and Anderson. Also present County Administrator Stomberg.

MSP to approve the agenda with additions.

Identify any Conflict of Interest none identified

MSP to approve Minutes from December 6, 2012

MSP to approve Commissioner Warrants131515-131530 dated 12/06/12 n the amount of $37,829.27, 131696-131810 dated 12/19/12 in the amount of $421,358.30

MSP to approve Auditor Warrants131460-131503 dated 11/30/12 in the amount of $7,433,685.36, Warrants 131653 -131685 dated 12/13/12 in the amount of $38,661.03

MSP to approve Per Diems & Expenses

MSP to approve Assessor Fee Schedule 2013

MSP to approve 2013 Tobacco License CJ’s Bar and Grill

MSP to approve Auditor/Treasurer 2013 Fee Schedule

MSP to approve the Resolution to Commit Fund Balanced (Resolution #37-12 on file at County Administrator Office)

MSP to accept the JPA with MPCA for operation of HHW facility. (Agreement on file at the Lyon County Environmental Department.)

MSP to approve and set the 2013 Board meetings. (Resolution #38-12 on file at County Administrator Office)

MSP set Commissioner salary at $17,500/year with extra $200/month for the Board Chair.

MSP to leave per diems at $50 per meeting, with the second meeting of the day at $40.00 not to exceed $90.00 per day. (Resolution #39-12 on file at County Administrator Office)

MSP to approve the FEMA Grant Agreement for Judicial Ditch 13.

MSP to approve abatement for home owned by Gary and Sylvia Roberts.

Commissioner Rick Anderson is appointed as alternate for EMS Board.

MSP to authorize payment of approved claims on December 31st.

MSP to change Ashley Paluch from limited part time to permanent part time at 30hrs/week.

MSP to authorize payment of $150,681.56 to Yellow Medicine County before December 31, 2012.

9:30am Public Hearing 5-year capital improvement plan

Regular Commissioner meeting recessed to open Public Hearing for 5-year Capital Improvement Plan

MSP to approve the 5-Year Capital Improvement plan as presented, seconded by Ritter. All voted in favor, motion carried.

Public Hearing adjourned and regular Commissioner meeting resumed.

MSP to approve to hire Ryan Brunsvold effective January 7, 2013 at the rate of $14.16 per hour (or 2013 starting rate set by Board) and Valerie Hauser effective March 4, 2013 at $14.16 per hour.

Board was asked to review quotes from Lockwood and Kruse Motors for two 2012 Chevrolet Impala fleet cars for administrative/investigative sheriff use. The plan is to rotate used sheriff cars to county motor pool for daily county use.

Miles Bumper to Bumper Power Train Cost

Kruse 13,337 3-13-15 or 36,000 mi 3-13-17 or 100,000 mi $15,000

PS,C,V6, RDL,A,T,PW 12,430 1-12-15 or 36,000 mi 1-12-17 or 100,000 mi $15,000

Lockwood 14,000 $16,300

11,000 $16,300

MSP to accept quote from Kruse Motors of $15,000 per vehicle plus tax, title, license and fees.

Board is asked to consider approval of SAIC Work Order Request for Engineering and Consulting Services for 2013 Lyon County Landfill Operations. The SAIC has provided Work Request Forms for engineering and consulting services. The Landfill will require, in part, the following engineering services in 2013:

1. Annual Reports

2. Operational Support

3. Hydrogeologic Evaluation/Report

MSP to authorize annual reporting with SW-23 & SW-501 for $25,000.

MSP to approve Operational Engineering Services (including reporting and operational support) for $50,000.

MSP to approve the Hydrogeologic Evaluation for $22,000.

MSP to set interest rates at 3% for 5 years and 5% for 10 years on septic loan repayment schedule.

MSP to approve the 2013 Budget and Levy at $12,164,341.

MSP to recommend approving and implementing the 2013 Wage Scale subject to approval of state comp worth compliance.

MSP to go into Closed Meeting to discuss Elected Official Salaries.

MSP to come out of closed session.

MSP to set elected official salaries to:

County Recorder—————-$61,250.00

County Sheriff ——————-$90,350.00

County Attorney —————-$104,219.00


Meeting recessed until 7:00pm.

12-18-12 7:00pm Lyon County Commissioner meeting reconvened

Commissioners present: Rick Anderson, Rodney Stensrud, Robert Fenske, Steve Ritter, and Mark Goodenow. Also County Administrator Loren Stomberg, HR Director Carolyn McDonald, Auditor Treasurer E.J. Moberg, Public Works Director Suhail Kanwar, and Carol Oakland.

Public audience consisted of 16 individuals.

The Lyon County agricultural society is requesting $40,000 to help with funding a free fair in Lyon County. Currently the County funds the fair with $14,500, the additional $25,500 would be used to replace the current parking fees of 21,000 dollars and the remaining $4,500 would be used to cover utilities such as water, sewer, garbage, manure hauling, electricity, and port-a-potties. Overall discussion was in favor of a free fair.

Hearing no opposition, MSP to budget $40,000 to the Lyon County Fair Board for the purpose of a free fair, the county becomes the fiscal agent and will audit the Fair Board accounts.

7:57pm meeting adjourned.

A complete copy of these proceedings are available in the County Administrator Office of Lyon County, and also available at