The importance of unity and support

To the editor:

Despite the cold temperatures and snow flurries last Saturday evening, Jan. 19, the warmth of communities coming together in a little school was felt by all. Milroy PTO put together an amazing night of donkey basketball and a baked potato feed. As communities came together from Tracy, Vesta, Wabasso and Milroy for some friendly competition, the support and care for one another was obvious. Throughout the evening and several times since then, the one question that was asked was, “Where is/was the principal and superintendent?”

This was a school/community event, and support from administrators at the local school would have been nice to see. We are caregivers and with all the talk of small schools all over the country in danger of closing due to lack of enrollment or staffing, the importance of unity and support from everyone involved is so important. It’s upsetting to feel the lack of support for this event, especially knowing other communities were all coming together.

Firefighters, teachers, students and dance teams: If making an effort to be involved with the people and families that are working hard to hold our school together isn’t important, it makes one wonder what else is taking a back seat?

Shannon Beck