Give your love away

To the editor:

The Christmas season is over. Such a wonderful time of the year! All the merry Christmases, Happy New Year, best wishes to all our friends and even strangers we don’t know. It is a time of the year we show our friendship, care and love for all. I thought this year was wonderful with a white Christmas and good weather. Then I thought of the tragedy in Connecticut and the sorrowful time for the parents of the children and the teachers who were so brutally killed.

I cannot comprehend what goes on in a person’s mind that would want to do this.

I know we will have more laws pertaining to gun control which will help, but that also will make us more captives of ourselves.

That is not enough.

Life is precious! We have to instill in everyone’s mind that life is the most precious gift we have. How we live that life is our gift to other human beings.

We must respect life from conception until death. Somehow in our modern world we have lost the value of life of everyone.

The love and care we show during the Christmas season I wish we could continue throughout the year. Sometimes a caring word, a greeting, a handshake or a smile might soften the hardest heart.

I recall an old Polish proverb: “A song isn’t a song until it’s been sung. A bell is not a bell until it’s been rung. And love isn’t love until you give it away.”

Frank Swedzinski