His comedic career path

MARSHALL – Minnesota comedian Mike Brody may not have a regular job resume, but he’s gathered a few impressive points on his comedy resume.

The “My Funny Valentine’s” comedy show, featuring Brody, along with fellow comedians David Harris, Chris Maddock and Rox Tarrant, will be at 8 p.m. Thursday at the Ramada Inn in Marshall.

Brody, who is headlining the show, started doing comedy at an open mic in 2000. He has worked with Dave Attell, Emo Phillips, Doug Stanhope and Doug Benson. He has appeared on the nationally-syndicated radio program “The Bob and Tom Show.” He also works with SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters.”

Maddock is a founding member of the Minneapolis Comedy Squad and has become one of the rising stars on the Twin Cities comedy club circuit. According to Tarrant, who is producing the upcoming show at the Ramada, he uses his experiences of life as a new father and having a tattoo artist as a wife as part of his routine. He was a finalist in the Las Vegas World Series of Comedy and recently recorded his first comedy album. Besides being a comedian, Harris is also a magician. He got his start in magic at age 15 and does entertainment for many Fortune 500 companies, as well as colleges, clubs and casinos across the country. Tarrant has become one of the state’s top comedy producers and has worked with Louie Anderson, Jeff Cesario and Diane Ford.

Brody, who grew up in Iowa, was doing a lot of journalistic writing when he was in college.

“Comedy was a way to do it faster,” he said.

So when he did that open mic and received an immediate reaction, Brody made comedy his career.

“The Twin Cities is one of the best in the country for stand-up comedy,” he said.

For his routine, Brody doesn’t try to be someone he’s not.

“I just try to be myself,” Brody said about his onstage act. “I’m not like a gimmicky comic.” He said his routine will include stories about his wife, pets, being paranoid, anything that’s interesting.

But what has been an interesting part of Brody’s comedy career is a gig he landed five years ago.

“I’ve always been interested in the paranormal,” he said.

So Brody posted a ghost joke online and also put it on the page of every paranormal group he could find, and it got noticed by the people involved with the SyFy show “Ghost Hunters.” From there, he became the “official event comedian” for the show.

“It was kind of a proactive thing,” Brody said about landing the job, adding that he never really expected a response from “Ghost Hunters.” “It was kind of a shot in the dark.”

With the show, Brody has performed at such haunted locations as the Stanley Hotel, the basis for Stephen King’s “The Shining,” and Alcatraz.

“I spent the night in the cell in Alcatraz,” Brody said. “All around, it was really cool.”

Brody said he only works with “Ghost Hunters” a few times a year, so he keeps busy with other comedy gigs. He said a few of his career highlights so far include working with Attell in front of a crowd of 1,000 people, being on the “Bob and Tom Show,” as well as being at Alcatraz. He’s going to be headlining the House of Comedy at the Mall of America in March.

“You kind of have to be partially crazy to do comedy full time,” Brody said. “I don’t know how to do anything else.”