Smooth move

MARSHALL – For those who like their beverages, there is now a wider variety to choose from and a more convenient way to get them.

Freedom Valu Centers installed Big Daddy’s Deli into their stores in December. Patrons can buy drinks from slushies to cappuccino and can even make their own smoothies and milkshakes at a blending bar.

“You just pick the flavor you want,’ said Desiree Winter, an assistant manager at the Marshall store on East College Drive.

F’real mix-it-yourself smoothies available at Freedom are mango, strawberry banana and blue raspberry pomegranate. F’real milkshake flavors are chocolate, vanilla, mint chip, cookies and cream and peanut butter cup.

There is also a coffee-flavored frozen cappuccino.

A 16-ounce cup of flavored mix is placed into a container, and the customer can choose the thickness of the smoothie or shake – “less,” “regular” or “more.”

The wait is about 20 seconds, said Winter. The customer can watch a cow jumping on a pogo stick in the meantime.

At $2.49, “the price is about the same as shakes you can get at fast food places,” Winter said.

Even though it’s cold outside, the frosty drinks are “really popular,” Winter said. She expects them to be even more in demand this summer.

To the right of the smoothie and milkshake machine is a huge soda dispensing center with multiple spigots with common flavors such as cola and lemon-lime, but also choices such as Tropicana Twister, Gatorade and raspberry Brisk iced tea. The fountain beverages are sold for the introductory price of 99 cents for any size – 20 ounces all the way up to 44 ounces.

Coffee connoisseurs haven’t been left out in Freedom’s marketing makeover, either.

A huge machine offers hi-rev mocha, almond roca, caramel macchiato, salted caramel and French vanilla cappuccino as well as hot cocoa. Regular coffee is offered as well, along with a decaffeinated brew.

Flavor shots can be added to the coffee as well.