They were in it to ‘Win It’ all

MARSHALL – The plastic cups stood in a row on the tabletop in front of Amy Rodriguez. Her goal was to knock them off as quickly as possible, but with a catch: Rodriguez could only get rid of the cups with air let out of a balloon she blew up herself.

Her teammates, all students at Marshall Middle School, cheered her on as she worked her way down the line, puffing to refill the balloon every few seconds.

Challenge completed, Rodriguez stopped to take a breath.

“My head hurts,” she said, smiling.

It was all part of the game at the Marshall Kiwanis’ “Minute to Win It” challenge on Saturday morning. Teams made up of everyone from kids to adults gathered in the West Side Elementary School gym and raced to complete a variety of stunts. The winning team would receive $200 to donate to a local childhood or youth program of their choice.

Kiwanis members said this year’s event drew 20 sponsors and about 15 teams to compete.

Some challenges at the event took physical endurance, like inchworming around an obstacle course while sitting on a small rug. Others took coordination, and the ability to keep from getting dizzy. One station, where challengers had to knock tin cans off of tables using only a yo-yo tied around their waists, seemed especially difficult.

David Her, one member of a group from the Marshall High School robotics team, said the trick was not to spin too much.

“Don’t go too fast, or you’ll get really dizzy,” he said.

Marshall Kiwanis member Bill Reilly said it was good to see the variety of participants in the challenge.

“It’s a fun event, just looking at the cross-section of the community,” he said. “Kiwanis is about youth, and here we’ve got young people from three to 23.”