Upcoming expo has moms in mind

MARSHALL – It’s definitely not easy being a mother. But although it can be a struggle to try and balance the needs of children, work, a marriage and a home, there’s no reason that women should have to face it alone, said Danielle Wilts of Marshall Community Services.

Organizers of a new local event offered through MCS, the Moms’ Expo, hope to address some of the challenges facing moms today. The Expo will be April 6 at Marshall High School, and registration for the event opens Wednesday, Wilts said.

Wilts said the idea for the Moms’ Expo was something she had been thinking about for more than a year. After experiencing the stresses and challenges of motherhood in her own life, she said, “I’d start to feel like, ‘Where did my day go?'”

Wilts said she would also see other women struggling with some of the same pressures with raising children and trying to juggle the many other aspects of life at the same time.

“I realized there were a lot of us moms who were feeling overwhelmed,” Wilts said. A good life balance seemed hard to find. At the same time, however, “There are a lot of moms in the area who are great moms I thought, what a great resource.”

Thus the Moms’ Expo was born – a chance for area women to get together and share knowledge and skills to make life less stressful and more enjoyable. Wilts, Marshall Early Childhood and Family Education Coordinator Jennifer Hansen, and a group of area women all worked together to form a planning committee for the event.

The Expo will be made up of small group sessions, Wilts said.

“We wanted to start simple. It’s going to be very casual,” and allow for group sharing and discussion, she said of the event. “It’s more about getting the moms together.” Everyone has something they can add to the conversation, Wilts said.

Sessions at the Expo will cover a variety of topics geared at mothers, from parenting to home organizing and taking time to take care of care of yourself.

Wilts said organizers also plan to offer sessions for moms in different circumstances and stages of life. For example, one of the available sessions would focus on caring for an elderly parent while still raising children.

Registration for the Moms’ Expo will be limited, to help keep the discussion groups small, Wilts said. The event will be for registered participants only. Women interested in attending should sign up by March 18.

Wilts said more information on the Moms’ Expo, as well as registration information, will be available starting Wednesday on the Community Services section of the Marshall city website, www.marshallmn.com. Registrations can also be made in person or by mail at the Community Services office in Marshall, or by calling 507-537-6767.