Parents in civic engagement

To be engaged in something you like to do is good, and even more when you want to participate in something like civic engagement in your community or your school. Some people see this like a big commitment; some do it, because they like it.

Leaders, organizations and others all the time are looking for those who want to participate, collaborate or offer their time to help and provide something for their community or school.

When we think, “how can I involve people in the community or school?” sometimes it is not easy. Bu think about when someone comes to your door and asks you to participate in something for their families or children. This happened to three Hispanic parents who belong to the Family Support group from the Minority Advocate Program.

The idea started when they saw that their children needed to be doing some sports during the winter season and more with the sport that they like, soccer. They wanted to see soccer improve here in Marshall and continue to provide soccer skills to the children during the winter time. They had the idea to do a Youth Indoor Soccer League. The three committed to be the coaches and referees for the games.

After to be talking with the three parents and asking some questions Roberto Esparza told me that the last year was his last year to be a referee and he wants to be a soccer coach. He wants to start coaching children. For him, soccer has been the number one sport in his life. He has all the intention to be involved in everything that goes with soccer.

He is thinking that the new sports complex that will be here in Marshall will be something where we will see that soccer is growing and he would like to see his children playing and have recognition for playing soccer.

Roberto says helping the community or school to provide soccer practice helps the Hispanic families and other cultures to continue improving our soccer here in Marshall.

Jesus Reyes says he likes soccer, he likes to participate in the community and he likes to see his children are not just involved in soccer but in other sports, too. He would like to have more communication with other families and invite their children to participate in other sports so they can be active. He says he would like to see in the future that the children are training and they have a soccer team from Marshall, that they do a good job and play with other teams. Jesus would like to see parents be active in the community and be together in doing something they like to do, participate and give their opinion. The most important thing for Jesus is to see more parents’ involvement with their children in sports, not just leave them at practice or a game but to show support and to be a parent.

The idea of the Family Support Group is to get parents involved, work together and have an advisory board that will be working to get parents involved in the different committees, projects, activities or events that they will putting together with the group. In the sport committee Jesus Hernandez, Roberto Esparza and Jesus Reyes are working to help to provide training, practice and games for the sport they believe Marshall community needs help in improving and have the children ready for the future.