Membership, by the numbers

It’s a new year and how exciting it is! So often members of the community ask how many members do you have anyways? I can tell you that they are not prepared for the answer.

So here are the membership facts as of Feb. 7:

Membership stats 2013

59 and younger: 8


70-79: 180

80-89: 215

90 and older: 101

Unknown: 4

Total: 565

Average age is 80.214 years

Most members are 86 years old (born in 1927): 31

Next largest group of members are: 77 years old (born in 1936):30

Combined years of wisdom of: 45,321 years

Those who:

travel south for the winter: 16

reside in a nursing home: 14

have a non-Marshall mailing address:55

are new members: 50