Campus notes for Feb. 27

Area students named to SDSU dean’s list

The following students have been named to the dean’s list for academic excellence during the fall 2012 semester at South Dakota State University.

To earn dean’s list distinctions in SDSU’s eight colleges, students must have completed a minimum of 12 credits and must have earned at least a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Students with an asterisk received a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

College of Arts and Science

*Tara Onken, Balaton; *Kami Cleveland, Canby; Mickaela Giese, Dawson; Audrey Hennen, Ghent; Joseph Christensen, Granite Falls; Gina Morseth, Hendricks; *Carrie Schwing, Lake Benton; *Sheela Riley, Lamberton; Kristina VanOverbeke, Marshall; *Theresa Swedzinski, Milroy; Aubree Van Keulen, Minneota; *Casey Goodmund, Russell; Matthew Sjurseth, Taunton; Nicholas Olafson, Tracy; Grace Bettendorf, Tyler.

College of Arts and Science/College of Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Taylor Welu, Milroy.

College of Arts and Science/College of Education and Human Sciences

Heather Stripling, Wabasso.

College of Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Theodore Berckes, Canby; *Randy Johnson, Canby; Christopher Nemitz, Canby; Tabitha Stockman, Canby; Jonathan Verhelst, Canby; Ryan Swenson, Dawson; *Samantha Hennen, Ghent; Grant VanKeulen, Ghent; *Chantell Nelson, Hendricks; Christina Fehrman, Lake Benton; *Cory Engen, Lamberton; *Amy Full, Marshall; *Betsy Hansen, Marshall; *Michele Lanoue, Tracy; Michelle Lenertz, Tracy; *Rachel Wilking, Tracy; Brady Hauswedell, Tyler; Andrew Wiering, Tyler; Nicholas Wiering, Tyler; Amanda Schmidt, Vesta; *Kyle Baumann, Westbrook.

College of Agricultural and Biological Sciences/College of Education and Human Sciences

Mark Bau, Slayton.

College of Education and Human Sciences

Eric Nefstead, Canby; Brittany Sik, Canby; M’Hesi Haugen, Currie; Daniell Strand, Dawson; Sarah Busselman, Lake Benton; Cassandra Gleis, Lake Wilson; *Heidi Henkelman, Marshall; *Danica Vandendriessche, Marshall; *Jaclyn Buysse, Minneota; *Lucas Smidt, Russell; Keri Blanchette, Tyler; *Mariah Osland, Westbrook; *Kelsey Helgeson, Wood Lake; *Alissa Ricke, Wood Lake.

College of Engineering

David Williamson, Boyd; *Michael Bliss, Canby; Brett Citrowske, Canby; *Zachary Campbell, Currie; Paul LeClaire, Currie; *Benjamin Haecherl, Garvin; *Cory Timmerman, Marshall; *Colin Vandeputte, Marshall; *Brady Welu, Milroy; Keith Vlaminck, Taunton; *Eric Carter, Walnut Grove.

College of Nursing

Brittany Schichtl, Lucan. *Bethany Hanson, Marshall; *Melissa Louwagie, Marshall; *Stacie Nielsen, Marshall; Jessica Rupp, Marshall; *Kayla Lanoue, Milroy; Allyson Engels, Minneota; *Kyle Mamer, Porter; *Alissa Johnson, Russell; Jada Minett, Ruthton; Jessi Reber, Ruthton; Haley DeGreeff, Slayton; *Justine Gifford, Tyler; Kristin Knudsen, Tyler; Kayla Wichern, Tyler; Kassandra Jarmer, Westbrook.

College of Pharmacy

Zachariah Iverson, Garvin; Aaron Zieske, Granite Falls; *Teagan Gustafson, Hanley Falls; Michaela Zeinstra, Holland; *Ryan Verschelde, Ivanhoe; Taylor Thooft, Tyler.

College of University College

Joseph Croymans, Boyd; *Jarrett Wager, Dawson; *Joshua Wager, Dawson; Elliot Carmany, Granite Falls; Alisha Norcutt, Lucan; Danielle Kramer, Vesta.