Area students’ art to be at MAFAC

MARSHALL – Every year, the Marshall Area Fine Arts Council gives young artists the chance to get their artwork noticed by a larger audience.

The Lyon County High School Art Stars exhibit features works of students from Marshall High School, Marshall East Campus Learning Alternatives, Lakeview High School and Minneota High School. The exhibit will be on display Tuesday through April 12 at the MAFAC arts center.

Miranda Aguirre, Elizabeth Breyfogle, Tracy Her and Alatera McCann are four of Marshall High School’s art students to have work on display at the exhibit. Art teacher Chris Tromblay said they’ve taken several of the school’s art classes, and the students said they’ve learned to appreciate various mediums. The first time she worked with clay, Her said her artwork, which was supposed to be a puffy fish, didn’t turn out the way she wanted. Yet, she enjoys working with clay.

“I like the texture of it,” Her said.

McCann said her favorite medium stems from a class she just took.

“I just got done with a painting class, and I really enjoyed that,” she said. One of her works was based on a Peter Max painting.

MHS senior Miranda Aguirre said she loves doing every medium of art, but if she had to choose a favorite, it would be painting.

“It just works best with me,” she said. Aguirre likes to draw and adding paint to it “really makes it your own,” she said.

The students said that art is a way to express themselves and just kick back.

“For me, it’s kind of a relaxing time,” Her said about being in art class.

“It’s what I want to express at that time,” McCann said. For example, if she’s upset, her painting may convey sadness, she said.

The reason Aguirre likes art is the fact that she can create things that are her own and express her feelings.

The girls said they’re looking forward to having their art on display for all the community to see.

“It’s exciting just because of the fact that it’s out there, you can share it with them (the community),” Breyfogle said.

“I think it would be nice to have my art being seen by the community,” McCann said. She noted that a senior had asked her if she was in art. “I want to get that feeling form the community, not just the school.”

“I think that’s exciting because other people are seeing it (my art), not just my classmates and teachers but other people in Marshall,” Aguirre said.