Lyon County Board

March 1, 2013


January 15, 2013


January 15, 2013 9:00am. Pursuant to notice, the Lyon County Board of Commissioners convened with the following members present: Commissioners Rick Anderson, Steve Ritter, Mark Goodenow, Charles Sanow ,and Rodney Stensrud. Also present County Administrator Stomberg, Auditor/Treasurer Moberg and County Attorney Maes

Agenda Additions: Knology Contract for phone system at LEC, Ag Society Grant

MSP to approve agenda with additions.

Identify any Conflict of Interest none identified

Consent Agenda:

1. Approve Minutes from January 8, 2013

2. Approve Commissioner Warrants 132064 – 132127 dated 01/16/13 in the amount of $120,708.82

3. Approve Auditor Warrants 132032 – 132063 dated 01/10/13 in the amount of $1,064,880.50

4. Approve Per Diems & Expenses

5. Surplus Property/1997 Taurus

MSP to approve the consent agenda.

MSP to approve the A’viands Contract to provide food service for the jail.

MSP for a renewal of the contract for EDA agreement with the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce for services at a monthly rate of $3,000 per month, an increase of $500 per month over 2012 rates with change to end date in paragraph D to 2013.

Maximus Contract tabled until February 5th Board meeting.

Knology Contract:

MSP to approve the Business Service Agreement for the Lyon County Sheriff Matrix at $350.00/month.

MSP to approve the contract with the Jail at $230.00/month.

MSP to approve the 36 month contract T1 Line Agreement at $500.00/month.

MSP to authorize County Engineer to advertise 2013 CIP date and set bid dates using proper procedures and timely notification to the Board.

MSP to approve the equipment purchase request for the highway and change ton 2WD truck to a ton 4WD, bid the three pickups, and the tandem dump truck with a 60 day delivery.

Board discussed Lyon County Signage directing to Highway/Public Works. The current signage is not professional in appearance. The proposed sign improvement will be a two sided sign costing less than $1,000.

MSP for Chair to sign letter of support for the Cottonwood Library project.

MSP to open the Assistant County Engineer position externally. Interview committee will move forward with the Project Engineer interviews and hold off with offering the position until direction to take with the Assistant County Engineer hire.

The AG Society is proposing to apply for a Legacy grant ($50,000 max competitive grant) to construct a hoop building 60’X80′ to hold free stage events during the fair. The grant request includes all costs (building, cement, electrical). Request for Board to apply for the grant as the building will be located on the fairgrounds. The project total is $43,013.61. The deadline for the grant is January 31st, 2013.

MSP to approve and apply for the hoop building grant and provide a letter of support for the hoop barn

Appointment of the positions of Auditor-Treasurer and County Recorder (tabled from 1/8/13)

County Administrator Stomberg presented information on the legislation process and neighboring counties progression on this topic. The Board requested County Administrator Stomberg to schedule five dates at five different locations within the county and allow Commissioners to attend the locations of their choice, with a minimum of two Commissioners at each meeting. Locations for public meetings on this topic are Russell, Tracy, Cottonwood, Minneota, and Marshall.

MSP to authorize County Administrator’s office to advertise for a Property Appraiser for the Assessor’s office.

MSP for Board Chair and County Administrator to write a letter to consider/request combining Assessing/Appraiser county program with the City of Marshall.

Committee Appointments

New Committees/Appointments

Investment Committee: Steve Ritter and Rodney Stensrud

Insurance Committee: Steve Ritter and Rick Anderson

Cottonwood Shop Committee (New): Rodney Stensrud and Charlie Sanow


HHS Committee appointments are also the alternate and main delegate for Southern Prairie Community Care.

Soil &Water Committee: Rick Anderson will be alternate for the Liaison Committee.

Park Board Committee: Janice Petersen from Lynd, Gaylen Boerboom from Minneota, Ron Prorock from Marshall

SWEMS- will be appointed in mid-April

Planning & Zoning: Dave Sturrock

Extension Committee: re-appoint Diane Konjura, and appoint Kris Wegner, and looking to appoint the vacancy left by Dave Sturrock.

11:30am MSP to move to closed session pursuant to Minnesota Statute 13D.05, subd. 3 (a), for performance evaluations for County Assessor, Public Works Director, and Director of Facilities.

12:40pm Board moved out of closed session

MSP to set 2013 salary for Suhail Kanwar Public Works Director; performance unsatisfactory and salary to remain unchanged at $101,376 with 360 Eval and PIP to review in April.

MSP to set 2013 salary for Dean Champine County Assessor performance found satisfactory with salary set at $74,255.79.

MSP to set 2013 salary for Ron Krause Director of Facilities performance found satisfactory with salary set at $65,814.00.

MSP to adjourn.

A complete copy of these proceedings are available in the County Administrator Office of Lyon County, and also available at