Notice of Pubic Hearing

March 1, 2013


A REQUEST HAS BEEN MADE to the Lyon County Planning and Zoning Administrator by ABL Custom Finishing, c/o Bernard DeCock, 3364 State Highway 68, Ghent, Minnesota for a Conditional Use Permit request for a new feedlot and to hear public comment to fulfill Minnesota Session Law 2000 Minn. Stat. 116.07, subd 7 (l), to construct or expand a feedlot with a capacity of 300 animal units or more. Odor OFFSET setback requirement is 94%. Minimum setback for a new feedlot is 1320′. The land is zoned agricultural and described as following:

The Southwest Quarter (SW1/4), Section Seventeen (17) in Township One

Hundred Thirteen (113), Range Forty-two (42) West of the Fifth Principal

Meridian (Westerheim Township), as recorded in Document 131889; Book 264

of Deeds, Page 224; and Book 233 of Deeds, Page 251 in the Lyon County Recorder’s Office, Marshall, Minnesota. (parcel number 20-017007-0). (Landowners are Francis DeCock, Bernard DeCock and Lyle DeCock).

Tract must be a minimum of ten (10) acres.

The Proposed Facility to Consist of:

(new) Finishing Hogs (2400 x .3 animal factor) = 720 Animal Units

Type of Building:

(new) Approximately 101’x192′ Finishing Confinement Barn with 8′ deep below the barn concrete manure pit

Manure to be applied agronomically up to two times a year.

The Total Animal Unit Capacity = 720 Animal Units

A Public Hearing on the Conditional Use Permit and Feedlot Public Comment will be held by the Lyon County Planning Commission on Monday, March 11, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the Commissioner’s Room of the Lyon County Government Center, Marshall, Minnesota.

John Biren, Lyon County, Zoning Administrator

Phone: 507-532-8207; Fax: 507-532-7479