Notice of Pubic Hearing

March 1, 2013


A REQUEST HAS BEEN MADE to the Lyon County Planning and Zoning Administrator by Porkpass, LLC, c/o Ben Ludeman, 1608 310th Avenue, Tracy, Minnesota for a Conditional Use Permit request for a new feedlot and to hear public comment to fulfill Minnesota Session Law 2000 Minn. Stat. 116.07, subd 7 (l), to construct or expand a feedlot with a capacity of 300 animal units or more. Odor OFFSET setback requirement is 94%. Minimum setback for a new feedlot is 1320′. The land is zoned agricultural and described as following:

The Southeast Quarter (SE1/4), Section Eight (8) in Township One Hundred Nine (109), Range Forty (40) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian (Monroe Township),

as recorded in Document 162297 in the Lyon County Recorder’s Office, Marshall, Minnesota. (parcel number 13-008003-0). Tract must be a minimum of ten (10) acres.

The Proposed Facility to Consist of:

(new) Finishing Hogs (3000 x .3 animal factor) = 900 Animal Units

Type of Building:

(new) Approximately 102’x240′ Finishing Confinement Barn with 8′ deep below the barn concrete manure pit

Manure to be applied agronomically up to two times a year.

The Total Animal Unit Capacity = 900 Animal Units

A Public Hearing on the Conditional Use Permit and Feedlot Public Comment will be held by the Lyon County Planning Commission on Monday, March 11, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. in the Commissioner’s Room of the Lyon County Government Center, Marshall, Minnesota.

John Biren, Lyon County, Zoning Administrator

Phone: 507-532-8207; Fax: 507-532-7479