Clarkfield native expanding chiropractic services to Cottonwood

COTTONWOOD – It’s been an adventure, Brad Handeland said.

After getting his chiropractic office established in Clarkfield, Handeland is branching out. An expansion of Handeland Chiropractic will open on Cottonwood’s Main Street on April 2.

“A lot of people are really excited about it,” Handeland said.

Handeland grew up in Clarkfield and has had a chiropractic office in his hometown for two years. Growth, he said, “has been mostly been word of mouth so far.” Handeland said part of the credit for the idea to come to Cottonwood goes to Dr. S.A. Patel, whose dental practice has clinics in Cottonwood and Clarkfield. Patel had office space for rent, and encouraged Handeland to think about expanding his chiropractic office.

“He’s the one who really got me going,” Handeland said. “He started talking about the community, and how well it’s done for him.”

Handeland decided to take the next step and expand. “I’ve been working with the Cottonwood EDA and the city, and they helped me get set up,” he said.

Handeland said the expansion will also be positive for some of his current patients.

“I treat a lot of people from the (Cottonwood and Marshall) area already,” Handeland said. “It’s going to be more convenient for them.”

Of course, getting the new office ready for patients has meant quite a bit of work. Handeland said he’s been working on some renovations to the new office, like putting in new carpet and paint. Part of the expansion work will also be getting a shared, secure computer network running for the Cottonwood and Clarkfield offices, he said.

Besides chiropractic adjustments and manipulation, Handeland said he offers services including therapeutic ultrasound, which can help relax muscles and relieve pain, and kinesio taping.

Handeland said kinesio taping is a relatively new technique that can help with a variety of conditions, including pain and soft tissue injuries. It’s become popular for athletes as well.

“I do kinesio tape pretty much every day,” Handeland said. Handeland is a certified kinesio taping practitioner.

In addition to chiropractic care, Handeland said he also offers nutritional counseling and other ways to encourage the body’s natural healing process. The counseling is tailored to individual needs, he said.

Handeland said the Cottonwood office’s hours will start out as part of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they could expand as demand grows. He’ll still maintain office hours in Clarkfield, and he sees patients by appointment on Saturdays.

For now, Handeland said, he is directing questions and prospective patients to the Clarkfield office, at 320-669-1980.

“It’s kind of an adventure more than anything,” Handeland said of the expansion. He said he hoped to grow his business, as well as get a chance to help people in the area.