Volunteer month

We are Flipping Cakes for our Volunteers – pancakes, that is. It will take place from 8-10 a.m. Saturday, April 6. A program will be at 8:30 a.m.

Volunteerism is a strong part of the Marshall community. Not only through organizations people belong but also when there is a need. The need can be large or small, immediate or in the future; it is always met and filled by a very special person from the community. Their volunteerism is about positively impacting the community making it better for all.

As a non-profit- the dollar value given to that hour value given to that hour is over $21/hr. This dollar amount shows the impact that volunteerism has. It acknowledges their time, talents, skills and energy. The community also gains from the skills, talents and individual growth in the volunteer. It is the lifeline of a healthy community.

Here at the Adult Community Center we have numerous opportunities to volunteer. Some of those opportunities include greeting, leading games, board members, recycled greeting cards, serving afternoon snack, preparing newsletters for mailing, folding bags, stuffing coupons and more.

The Adult Community Center has 25 percent of its membership volunteer on a regular basis. In 2012 the volunteers gave 5,596 hours of caring, support, dedication and commitment. It is the month to say “Thank You Volunteers.” We couldn’t do it without you. You are PRICELESS!