A little Easter fun

MARSHALL – A little after 9 a.m. on cold and foggy Saturday morning, children and their parents, as well as a large white rabbit, gathered together on the sidewalk in front of Hy-Vee.

Several games, including a bean bag toss, Plinko, ring toss, choosing plastic eggs for a prize and a visit from the Easter Bunny were all part of a kids’ Easter event Saturday.

Dalton Landgraff watched as his sister Ashlynn played the bean bag toss game.

“Oh good try,” Dalton Landgraff said.

Then it was little brother Spencer’s turn. Dalton and Ashlynn were unsure how Spencer would fare.

But in the end, everybody was a winner at the various games as children collected Easter treats after playing them.

Mason and Makenna Boerboom eyed up a table full of bigger prizes, which included a skateboard and a Big Wheel.

“I wasn’t sure if they were prizes,” Mason Boerboom said.

“I think it was for bidding,” Makenna Boerboom said.

Troy and Heidi Emerson brought their daughters, Ashley and Ava, down to Hy-Vee. It happened to be Ava’s birthday on Saturday.

“They’ve been excited all morning,” Heidi Emerson said.

Despite the chilly temperatures, Heidi Emerson said the weather was an improvement from last year’s Easter event.

“Last year it was windy,” Heidi Emerson said.

Willow Russ was shivering in her red dress that she wanted to wear for the day, but she happily played the games with her brother, Brennan, and mother, Emma.

Marlene Glenn of Hy-Vee supervised the area where the kids selected plastic eggs to see if they would win anything.

“I have to see if it’s the grand prize winner,” she said to Jacob Buysse after he selected an egg.

Just a few minutes later, Max Drown found one of those grand prize eggs.

“Look what I won,” Max Drown said to his father Jeff as he held up a skateboard.

John Drown, Max’s grandfather, said Jeff and Max were visiting from St. Cloud for the holiday.

“I came down for Easter,” Max Drown said.

“That was great for him,” John Drown said about his grandson winning a prize.

Max Drown said he’s going to have to learn how to skateboard before using his prize.

“I haven’t done that (skateboarding),” he said.

Laura Meulebroeck also found herself winning a big prize Saturday morning.

“I won a bike,” she said. “It was cool.” She moved onto to the coloring contest table to try her luck there.

Several of the kids had their photos taken with the Easter Bunny. Anna Schulte shyly went up for a hug.

“Are you ready for Easter?” the Easter Bunny asked.

“Yeah,” Schulte said quietly.

Grace and Gabe Hart surveyed the scene, and Gabe immediately spotted the plastic dinosaurs that were among the smaller prizes.

“They’re very cute,” he said.

The two grabbed a couple of plastic eggs, and Gabe picked out a dinosaur while Grace chose a set of pencils.

Gabe Hart’s eyes lit up as he saw the bigger prizes.

“I want to ride that,” he said, pointing at the Big Wheel.