Giving customers quality work

MARSHALL – The Minnesota Association of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors named Bisbee Plumbing and Heating as its HVAC Contractor of the Year at its annual convention.

The honor was announced in the April Minnesota PHCC magazine. Bisbee Plumbing was featured in a half-page article.

MN PHCC “recognizes Scott Williams and Bisbee Plumbing and Heating for their outstanding service in southwestern Minnesota and for Scott’s ongoing support of Minnesota PHCC and its programs.”

The article detailed the company’s long history in Marshall.

Scott Williams has been running the company since buying it from his father-in-law, Joe Mortier, in 1999. Mortier had bought it from B.A. Bisbee in 1967. The company employs 24 people who serve an 80-mile radius around Marshall which also includes South Dakota and Iowa.

Williams has worked at the company since 1991.

“I worked my way up,” he said.

The article said Williams is a member of the board of directors of MN PHCC and “is a very committed advocate for quality education programs for his employees and others involved in the plumbing and mechanical industry.”

Williams said he really “pushes education. Electricians have to do eight hours a year of continuing education before they can renew their license – why not plumbers?”

Williams said you need a journeyman’s license to be a plumber, but he urges his employees to get their master license.

“To give the customers quality work, you need professionals,” he said.

Plumbers no longer have to travel to Minneapolis or Mankato to upgrade their skills. They can take classes in Marshall.

“I got certified as a state instructor,” said Williams. “I took the time to apply for the license to teach.”

Williams said other contractors nominated Bisbee for the recognition.

Williams said Bisbee charges about the same amount per hour as other plumbing businesses, but “it’s what you get done” in that hour that matters.

“We do it right the first time,” he said. “And if we don’t – which is rare – we’ll come back the second time and get it done. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.”