Brandl recipient of $15,000 Award for Excellence

Marty Brandl, a math teacher from Marshall High School, is a recipient of a 2013 WEM Outstanding Educator Award for Teacher Achievement, an honor that is accompanied by a $15,000 award.

Brandl is one of six educators being honored by the WEM Foundation and Synergy & Leadership Exchange for outstanding accomplishments and contributions to student learning. He is one of two recipients of the WEM Foundation’s statewide Teacher Achievement Award, which recognizes exemplary teachers who support, inspire and assist students to attain greater learning as evidenced by student achievement.

Brandl, who has been teaching for 10 years, currently teaches mathematics at Marshall High School.

“Marty has worked hard to raise the academic level of the students in our building through his work in the classroom; specifically though his innovative ideas as how to integrate technology into his classroom for the betterment of his students,” said Principal Brian Jones.

Outside the classroom, Brandl demonstrates technology to a wide audience from summer sessions for elementary students on game design and photo editing to YouTube videos that have inspired community members to study for a GED. He also created and maintains websites for two amateur baseball leagues and his local church.

Educators are first nominated for the WEM Outstanding Educator Awards Program by students, parents, colleagues or community members. Those who accept the nomination provide additional information for review and consideration by Synergy & Leadership Exchange and a blue ribbon selection panel, which reviews and ranks the nominees.