Short takes for May 3

Kids in the outdoors

THUMBS UP: A group of kids were finally able to get out to the water for some trout fishing last weekend through the Lyon County Pheasant Forever trout fishing program. Weather postponed the event not once, but twice, but once these kids hit the trout stream at Camden State Park they were able to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer and put their recently-gained knowledge of fly tying to good use. The event was the culmination of a program that included a two-week course on fly tying, and jig and spinner training. We need more of these events to get kids off the couch and into the great outdoors, regardless of whether or not they catch a fish or shoot a pheasant.

Gun bill important, but will wait

SIDEWAYS THUMBS: It would’ve been nice to see the Legislature take action on gun bills this session, but at the same time we understand there are plenty of major issues that still need to be dealt with during the last three weeks of the session. It is probably for the better that the Legislature tables gun bill talks until next year and not rush to any judgements. This is a highly divisive and politically-charged topic that deserves our elected officials’ undivided attention.

On Sunday liquor, time to move on

THUMBS UP: Kudos to the Minnesota House for quickly defeating a measure that would’ve allowed liquor sales on Sundays. This is an issue that, quite frankly, didn’t deserve much of a stage at the Capitol to begin with. While there might be border communities that believe otherwise, as stated earlier, there are much bigger fish to fry in St. Paul.

Make a difference this weekend

THUMBS UP: This is a big weekend in Marshall and offers an opportunity to get out and help make a difference. The annual March for Babies is Saturday (registration begins at 9 a.m. at the Marshall Middle School), and is followed the next day by the MS Walk at 10 a.m. at Independence Park.