Police: Watch out for grandparents scam

The Marshall Police Department reminds citizens to be vigilant as telephone, Internet and mail scams continue. Recently, two Marshall residents were defrauded out of money following calls that grandchildren were in trouble and needed money. Here is what to look for and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Residents should be wary about the “grandparents scam,” which includes a phone call claiming to be about or from a grandchild or other family member in distress. The caller will show an urgent need for money to be secretly wire transferred, often to a foreign country.

To avoid becoming a victim, verify that it is your grandchild by contacting their parents or asking a question only the real grandchildren would know the answer to.

Also, resist pressure to send money quickly and secretly and refuse to send money through wire transfer or overnight delivery.

A resource for information about this and other common scams is: Minnesota Attorney General’s Office www.ag.state.mn.us.