Teacher appreciation

To the editor:

I am sure that if I were to ask you to share who your favorite teacher is and why, without hesitation you could quickly name that individual and provide a wonderful tale about the impact that the teacher made on you and your life. For this very reason, the week of May 6-10, we recognize teachers everywhere with the annual Teacher Appreciation Week.

The week is a special time for each of us to pause and recognize all that our teachers, and quite honestly, every educational support staff member, for all they do for our students and our community.

Many wonderful staff members in the Marshall Public Schools serve as teachers for our students every day. It may be the custodian modeling how students should care for things, or a paraprofessional helping to support a student in need, or support staff modeling proper interactions, or licensed teachers helping to provide the necessary skills for students to be college and career ready. Regardless of who it might be, each staff member in the Marshall Public Schools provides valuable lessons to our students every day.

School educators are called to work diligently every day, to foster the imaginations and skills of our children as we prepare them to become the leaders and citizens of our communities need in the 21st Century. Therefore, it gives me great joy to join thousands of voices across the United States as we recognize our many outstanding educational professionals during Teacher Appreciation Week on May 6-10.

As I visit our school buildings and classrooms throughout our entire school district, I am continually impressed by the dedicated professionals of Marshall Public Schools. I am impressed with the willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to reach out to students in need, to challenge our students to imagine possibilities, and to foster and nurture the hopes and dreams of our young people.

I can truly say our community is blessed to have a vibrant and talented group of educators that continue to perform these small miracles every day. Whether helping a child discover the joy of reading, developing an understanding of the organic chemistry, or creating fabulous artistic creations in music, voice, or paint, pen, and pencil, these dedicated professionals are tirelessly working to improve the lives of each child in our schools, one child at a time.

In closing, I would ask every citizen of Marshall and the surrounding area to join me in expressing our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the work and contributions that the dedicated teachers and educational professionals provide on behalf of our children each and every day! Thank-you for all you do to enrich the lives of so many. Your service is a gift to our community.

It is truly appreciated this week and every week of the school year.

Dr. Klint Willert

Superintendent of Marshall Schools