That’s got a nice ring to it

MARSHALL – Metal detector hobbyists like to comb over fields and yards in hope of finding buried treasure, though most of what they find is junk.

But last month Don Breyfogle found a gold class ring lost 18 years ago, and by an incredible coincidence, it turned out to belong to his co-worker Eric Uschold.

Breyfogle and Uschold work together at Wal-Mart. And by an interesting coincidence, Uschold got married last fall and recently lost his wedding ring. Breyfogle asked Uschold if he wanted him to look for it.

Uschold is originally from the Twin Cities though he has relatives in Marshall. In 1995, Uschold was a junior in high school when he came to visit and lost his Orono High School class ring.

“I really don’t remember when it all happened, but I came up here to visit cousins in ’95,” Uschold said. “It had to have been playing baseball because they had a baseball clinic then. I thought at first I’d lost it in my aunt’s house, and it would turn up eventually.”

Eighteen years later, Breyfogle was combing over Legion Field with his metal detector and mostly finding old pop tops.

“I was waiting for spring to get here, and we had that nice day in April,” Breyfogle said. “I was getting a lot of junk, bottle caps and such, and I decided to do one more dig. I got a pull tab signal and sure enough it was a pull tab. So I dug it up and did it again. The thing is, it gives the same signal as a pull tab.”

On his last try, Breyfogle found a ring with a name, “Eric Uschold” and Orono H.S. 1996 on it.

“The name didn’t register, we usually go by first names (at work),” Breyfogle said. “So my wife did an Internet search and looked up his bio, and it said he lives in Marshall. When we found out, I thought I’d play a little trick on him. I wore his ring into work, and I showed him. He said, ‘Where the hell did you find that?'”

After this, Uschold has a lot more confidence Breyfogle can find his wedding ring.