New-look King

MARSHALL – Burger King of Marshall will have a brand new look when it opens back up full-time this week.

The fast food restaurant recently underwent an extensive renovation effort, revamping everything except the floor and most of the kitchen area. It’s a project that owner Eric Luther and employees are enthusiastic about.

“It should look pretty cool,” Luther said. “There’s a lot of excitement from team managers and everyone.”

The renovation project began May 13, with Burger King shutting down its drive through. During that time, the dining room was open. But this past week, the dining room closed and the drive through opened full-time. The plan, Luther said, is to have the entire restaurant open by today or Wednesday.

“This is a fast-track project,” Luther said. “We wanted as little down time as possible because it changes customer’s habits. So we’ve been doing all sorts of things to re-open quickly.”

Customers will notice a huge change in the interior of the building, Luther said.

“It’ll be a whole new dining room, with a new layout for the seating,” he said. “There will be more booths in the dining room. The bathrooms are also re-done. They’ll be totally new, with the tile and the layout of the bathrooms.”

Luther also noted that the interior finish on the walls will be new, as will the beverage center and order-taking area.

“The floor will stay, but from the ceilings to the walls, it’s all being replaced,” Luther said.

The major change in the Burger King kitchen area is a replaced ceiling.

“The kitchen wasn’t revamped much, but we replaced the ceiling because it was getting older,” Luther said. “Most of the things we have to upgrade every so often anyway. We’re upgrading every three to five years on equipment we need.”

In addition to upgrades to the drive through station, the exterior will also have a new look to it.

“We’re doing all new fixtures,” Luther said. “So we’ll have lead stone and a stucco surface on the exterior of the building.”

Luther said there were two reasons for making the decision to remodel. Not only were there incentives from the Burger King corporation to upgrade on a large scale, but the project also allows the restaurant to remain competitive, he said.

“We wanted to take advantage of the incentives that the corporation put out there and to stay in the competitive market,” Luther said. “We need to have a building that is going to compete with new competition and existing ones. So it was time to take that plunge into making that a reality with a new building.”

While rain delayed the exterior part of the renovation effort by about three days, Luther said he’s still pleased with the two-week project timeline. Now, he’s looking forward to welcoming back customers full-time.

“It’s going to be really different from what our guests have perceived in the past, but I think they’ll like it,” he said.