To the community of Tracy, a token of our appreciation

To the editor:

A glaring omission occurred to me when I read of Midwest Aviation and me (April 25 Independent), and that was that I had overlooked mentioning Tracy as our company’s beginning.

During the year of 1962, I had discontinued our farming operation with the intention of starting a flying service somewhere.

Of course, we didn’t know where that would be.

We learned about Tracy and made our request known to the Tracy Airport Commission that consisted of Homer Dobson, Less Johnson and Arvid Johnson. In January 1963 a positive answer was received for us to begin our fledgling company. We called the company Tracy Air Service.

We made our home there – Tracy was our base for 12 years. Things went well for the most part, however, the need to expand our operation was ever-present and that opportunity came early in 1973 when Hy Halvorson offered his Southwest Aviation to us. In October 1973, we closed a deal with Hy.

Looking back, we have long felt that we owe a debt of gratitude to the City of Tracy and all the great folks that supported us during those critical years – without it our little company would not be in existence. Tracy Air Service grew in Tracy and it is still growing as Midwest Aviation.

We are proud to call Tracy our original, permanent home.

Ray and Marlys Johnson