The most fun you can have running

The second annual Rad Run at Garvin Park on June 8 is coming up fast, and when it comes, it’s sure to separate the prepared from the unprepared.

This year, the event is again being organized by Marshall Area YMCA Health and Wellness Director LaVae Anderson.

“Tim Olson, my former boss, was wondering back in 2011 if we could organize something like this and asked me if I’d be interested,” Anderson said.

The event is modeled after the obstacle races marketed by the Warrior Dash firm, which sets up elaborate obstacles for a fee, according to Anderson. However, the price is a bit steep for a non-profit so the “Y” staff thought it could do as well with natural terrain plus homemade obstacles. Eighteen local

sponsors contributed food, funds and material for obstacles.

Corey Condon is leading training sessions for the Rad Run at the YMCA. With his military background, Condon knows a thing or two about obstacle courses.

“It’s being able to incorporate obstacles that are challenging but not too hard,” Condon said. “It’s a chance to get dirty and have fun.”

Last year, the event had about 150 participants, according to Condon. This year, more than 60 have registered already.

The course is three miles through the park, up hills, through mud and across the river, plus some hay bale obstacles, a cargo net, tires and a surprise obstacle at the end, Condon said.

Every Monday at 5:30 p.m., Condon leads a few participants in running exercises. Because of the weather they’ve been running on the “Y” track, though Condon vows starting this week they’re going to run outside whatever the weather.

On Tuesdays, they do calisthenics with weight bars, step exercises and bear crawls.

Courtney Bitker started a few months ago and tries to make every practice.

“I want to take part in this event,” Bitker said, “though I’m not sure about my work schedule. I enjoy the classes, it’s a lot of fun, and I get to know more people. I enjoy working out and getting different varieties of exercise.”

Owen Prellwitz has been training since January.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do,” Prellwitz said. “I saw the race last year, and I told myself I’d do it next year.”

Prellwitz said the race is more of an endurance trial than a race. It’s about who finishes, not who finishes first.

“I would say it’s the most fun you can have running,” Condon said.