Trying out a new technique

MARSHALL – Even with 24 hours in a day, artist Sima Amid Wewetzer said she’s “28 hours a day busy.”

Amid Wewetzer’s artwork will be on display through July 19 at the William Whipple Gallery at Southwest Minnesota State University.

She is originally from Tehran, Iran and lives in Lynd. She had studied at the University of Art and Design in Iran and came to the United States. She received a degree from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Ill.

Earlier this year, Amid Wewetzer received an Individual Artist Development grant from Southwest Minnesota Arts and Humanities Council to create works using a new painting technique. She said it was the first time she pursued a grant, and she is very appreciative of SMAHC.

“It was completely something new,” she said. “You feel you have support mentally, physically.”

Amid Wewetzer said her new technique is quite involved.

“It’s layers and layers and layers of paint,” Amid Wewetzer said about her new technique.”They’re like three-dimensional. They’re beautiful.”

She added that receiving the grant has helped immensely in her work.

“It gave me a lot of energy to do better,” Amid Wewetzer said about receiving the grant. “I’m working like unbelievably.”

Wewetzer said she started a new series, Four Seasons.

“One of the paintings is the four seasons in one painting,” she said. She said the paintings contain flowers, trees and abstract landscapes.

Besides her paintings, Wewetzer also created a sculpture with deer antlers. She said her husband goes hunting, and there were some antlers in a building.

“It’s a bird I made from deer antlers,” Wewetzer said about the sculpture. She said she’s also made chandeliers using deer antlers. “I can’t see anything wasted. Everything has value.”

Amid Wewetzer also recently had artwork featured in the book “International Contemporary Masters: A Contemporary Art Chronicle, Vol. 6.”

“I received an invitation from this publishing company,” she said. She did the research on the company and asked for a sample of the book before submitting anything.

Amid Wewetzer said she receives invitations from all over – France, Italy, Canada – to exhibit her work, but she tends to stay in the United States.

“I thank God I can paint, it’s such a beautiful feeling,” she said. “It makes me have a goal in my life.”