Beer, pretzels and games — what more does one need?

LUCAN – It was a good event to have, especially in a small town, visitors said.

There were things to do and try for all ages in Lucan during the weekend as the small town was celebrating its community festival, Pretzel Days, while staff at the Brau Brothers Brewing Co. served up samples of their products during the company’s “BrauFest” celebration. On Saturday afternoon, it seemed like a good pairing.

In spite of the cloudy, chilly weather, the Lucan park was full of activity, with softball and volleyball tournaments going on alongside games and activities for kids. Later on, there would be a street dance.

At the other end of the small town, more visitors were having lunch and sampling glasses of beer at the Brau Brothers brewing facilities. Some had even brought campers to spend the weekend in Lucan.

“I think it’s about the fifth year we’ve done the BrauFest,” said company owner Dustin Brau. He said the event is a chance to open up the business to the community.

Picnic tables set up at the Braus’ brewery facility served as an informal taproom, where visitors could try a new beer variety that Brau said will be released later this summer. Visitors could also take brewery tours and listen to live music.

This year’s festival saw the company getting ready to make a move into larger facilities, currently being renovated in Marshall. One of the benefits of having the new building, Brau said, will be being able to have a dedicated taproom space for events.

However, the close quarters haven’t stopped visitors from coming, especially when the weather is nice.

“We’ve gotten people from Sioux Falls and the Twin Cities. Some come back every year,” Brau said.