To the editor:

The United States is currently being run by a tyrannical president with his handpicked clones. The administration is involved in three scandals: Benghazi, the IRS and the phone monitoring of Associated Press writers and some Fox TV employees.

Let us discuss Benghazi. Benghazi is not a man with a first name of Ben and a last name that sounds Italian. Benghazi is a city in Libya where Obama and his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, condemned four Americans to their deaths. Sept. 11, 2012, the day that a planned, organized and premeditated terrorist attack occurred at the American consulate in Benghazi, there had been warnings from the CIA to the state department that attacks from radicals would happen to commemorate the New York attack of 2001.

Last fall Obama was campaigning for re-election, there is a perception that Obama has single-handedly destroyed Al-Qaida when Bin Laden was killed. This is obviously a lie, a distortion of facts and a typical Obama falsehood. Obama is a narcissist, his ego runs amok. I’m sure in his mind he alone flew the helicopter, led his one man “seal” team, he alone shot Bin Laden and finally extracted himself from Bin Laden’s compound and flew back to Washington for a round of golf.

Benghazi is Obama’s foreign policy in a nutshell. 1) Intervention without all the facts. 2) No coherent follow-up or exit strategy 3) Always supports the Muslim Brotherhood 4) chaos on the ground, then civil uprisings, check Egypt and Libya.

All of Obama’s policies, foreign or domestic have some commonality, anything Obama stands for is synonymous with studying a road map that concludes at a dead end.

A decision was made by Obama that no help would be sent to Benghazi, his re-election hinged on the continuation of the big lie that terrorism is contained and our nation is safe, ask the people of Boston their opinions on that subject.

The military have troops stationed around the world, ships at sea with attack planes, helicopters and special “ops” teams, our four men in our consulate could have been saved.

The president is a cold, calculating individual, he is the “Al Capone” of the political world. The very next day after four men are dead, Obama flies to Las Vegas for a fundraiser, the very next day, imagine the detachment from reality that it takes to be able to throw away lives of human beings to win an election.

This is liberalism at its worst, its most evil, its most profane, corruption is rampant, the devil has a smile on his face.

Liberalism has given us California and Louisiana, bankrupt financially and morally. Liberalism has given us Detroit, East St. Louis and Chicago, decades of radical politicians passing liberal bills. These states and cities have been reduced to communities of decadence, debauchery and Godlessness.

Our nation is on a teeter-totter, a seesaw, we go up and down, back and forth, but we continue to slide to the left, to the dark side where evil is dominant, we are bordering on the insane.

This is more than right-left, liberal-conservative, Republican-Democrat. This is good versus evil, Satan versus God. If you shake hands with the devil the stench of death is on you.

If you support this president and Clinton in this unforgivable coverup be sure to shower or take a bath, those two have dead Americans’ blood on their hands.

Clark Nafziger