Short takes for June 7

No knives, end of story

THUMBS UP: Putting an end to any life given to a ridiculous proposal from the head of the Transportation Security Administration, the Obama administration on Wednesday said it was abandoning a plan that would have allowed airline passengers to carry on small knives on planes. This strange proposal faced some very rigid opposition by Congress, airlines and law enforcement groups. John Pistole, the head of the TSA, wanted to loosen the rules for carry-ons, saying in March that small knives and other items couldn’t enable terrorists to cause a plane to crash. He said intercepting the items took time better used searching for explosives and other more serious threats. For anyone who plans on flying in the future, you can go ahead and breathe that big sigh of relief now.

Watching out for walkers

THUMBS UP: Even if nothing were to come of a grassroots effort by a small group of Marshall women to improve pedestrian safety in Marshall, at the very least we hope it should remind people who drive regularly in Marshall to obey stop signs and respect walkers and bikers. We know there are those drivers out there who roll through stops signs habitually at certain intersections, but remember, it’s summer and there are a lot of bikers and walkers out there – and plenty of little ones navigating their way around town. So please, keep your eyes open (and on the road, not your phone) and when the sign says “STOP,” do it – like you’re taking a driver’s test.

No Legion ball in Milroy

THUMBS DOWN: Whatever the reason – be it lack of money or lack of players – it’s disappointing to see there won’t be American Legion baseball in Milroy this summer. The Tracy Headlight Herald this week cited the aforementioned reasons as to why the Milroy Legion decided to not sponsor a team. A small, rural town not having a Legion team is not that uncommon, but for the city of Milroy to not have one is, given its rich baseball tradition.

MECLA’s future

THUMBS UP: We’re excited about the Marshall School District’s new vision for Marshall East Campus Learning Alternative (MECLA), which will soon have a new name, a new location and a new purpose. Transformation recommendations include the creation of a project-based program, a program that provides vocational/technical program options and a goal of individualizing the learning experience. The alternative school has evolved since its inception, and it’s good to see it continue to do so.