Fitting weather for Rad Run

GARVIN PARK – As the beginning of the race drew near on Saturday morning, the sky opened up and the rain came pouring down.

It didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm though. The second annual Rad Run at Garvin Park went off swimmingly.

“There were about 185 people pre-registered and we’ll hopefully hit more than 200,” said Marshall Area YMCA Health and Wellness Director LaVae Anderson. “The Boy Scouts made a cargo net, something to crawl under. There’s a knee-deep mud pit, a rope course, there is tire flipping, a place they have to run through tires, and then there’s a water slide at the end.”

The Rad Run is modeled after obstacle races built and marketed by various firms such as Warrior Dash, but was put together entirely by the Marshall Area YMCA with the help of local donors and volunteers.

Local participants responded to the challenge.

“I’m into pain and suffering,” joked Marshall resident John Claggett.

It’s Claggett’s second Rad Run.

Some serious runners see it as a training opportunity.

“Just last year I was getting into some five and 10Ks and I’m working up to a half-marathon towards the end of summer,” said Arco resident Sandy Jerzak. “I thought this might be a challenge.”

Although the 3-mile course was grueling, onsite emergency medical personnel confirmed there were no injuries last year and they didn’t anticipate any this year.

Seven waves of runners ran the course up hill and down, through river, rain and mud, and ending in the long, wet slide downhill, leaving runners muddy, wet, tired and laughing.