Pedestrian safety rally

To the editor:

Crossing streets in Marshall has become more difficult for walkers, joggers and school children. Increased local traffic and driver distractions are two causes. However, lack of understanding the Minnesota state law requiring drivers to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks is also a factor. A Marshall petition to improve pedestrian safety that garnered more than 100 signatures indicates the need for action.

What is being done to address the situation?

At 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the YMCA meeting room, the rally will gather information from citizens.

What is the purpose of the rally?

The rally has a threefold purpose:

To collect observations about the most difficult pedestrian crossings in Marshall along with the reason for the problems, such as a short walk light, vehicles turning right and not yielding to pedestrians, etc.

To discuss means of concentrating driver attention to crosswalks, i.e., signage in roadways, red flags at crossing or other means.

To collect suggestions for groups that would be receptive to information concerning the Minnesota pedestrian crossing law. Many citizens don’t realize that Minnesota requires drivers to yield to pedestrians in both marked and unmarked crosswalks.

Which public officials will be available for comments in their areas of expertise?

In attendance will be Marshall Police Chief Rob Yant, Police Officer Eric Klenken, City Administrator Ben Martig, Marshall Community Services Assistant Director Doug Goodmund, Public Works Director Glenn Olson, MNDOT representative Jeff Vik, Marshall Public Schools Business Services Director Bruce Lamprecht and YMCA Sr. Program Director Cindy Rosa.

Who should attend the Pedestrian Safety Rally?

Adults and children who walk or bike in our community have first-hand knowledge of streets needing attention and are encouraged to share their observations. However, everyone who lives, works or shops in Marshall is encouraged to attend. As Marshall continues to grow and attract more visitors to its sports, shopping and entertainment facilities, it is important that the community also allows pedestrians of all ages to cross our streets safely.

If you have an intersection in Marshall where you would like to see pedestrian safety improved, send an email to

Carole Martin