Looking for the beauty in things

Matt Pierson of Tracy said he “doesn’t know how to handle himself without a camera.”

Pierson’s photography will be on display through the end of the month at the Daily Grind in downtown Marshall.

Photography has always been a passion of Pierson’s, even at a young age.

“I’ve been behind the eye of a camera since I was 13,” Pierson said. He said photography has become a lifestyle for him.

Growing up on a farm in Westbrook, Pierson recalled that his family would drop whatever they were doing and go down to the end of the lane to watch the sunset. His grandmother would gather up the family to “see the vast horizon of the open prairie,” he said on his photography website.

In his artist statement, Pierson said “no matter how busy you are, you are never too busy to watch the sunset.”

“That’s been my life motto,” Pierson said.

Pierson’s first camera was a Pentax Spotmatic that was carried home by his aunt from Vietnam. He moved onto a Pentax K-01. When he switched to digital, it’s been “Cannon all the way,” he said.

When searching for something to photograph, Pierson said he’ll look anywhere.

“I try to find beauty, even in the worst of places,” Pierson said. He said he’ll go into the poorer areas of a town to find that beauty.

There’s also the abstract shots of beauty with the manmade objects among the Godmade beauty, Pierson said, such as power lines or light poles.

For a while, Pierson lived in the Jamestown, N.Y. area, which gave him inspiration to take photos of lighthouses. He finds himself shooting a lot of landscapes, florals, nature, architecture and abstracts. Pierson also creates inspirational photographs with verses as well.

He said he’ll even find himself driving the REM van for his day job and stopping to take photos.

“I’ve always got my eyes open for new angles,” he said.

Pierson said he loves the changes in the season.

“It brings a totally new avenue for photography,” Pierson said.

He still has that first Pentax although he doesn’t use it. Pierson does still use the K-01.

“You can never abandon the old,” he said.

Pierson said this is the first time he’s had his photography publicly displayed. He hopes that others might appreciate the same beauty that he sees.

“It’s kind of an exciting adventure for me, to share in the joy,” Pierson said.