Few takers for city survey

MARSHALL – It’s a chance for area residents to tell the city of Marshall whether it’s doing a good job. But so far, few people have taken the opportunity to speak out, said Marshall City Administrator Ben Martig.

The city is conducting an online survey this month. The survey asks Lyon County residents to rate the city of Marshall on several different categories, from fire and police services to street maintenance and snow removal. A similar survey done last year drew more than 200 responses, Martig said. This year? Only nine surveys have been completed since June 3.

“We don’t have much of a turnout,” Martig said.

He encouraged area residents to take part before the survey period ends next week.

The performance survey is part of a state program created by the Council on Local Results and Innovation. In 2011, the Council released a set of performance measures to help determine how well cities and counties are providing public services, and what taxpayers think of those services. Martig said participating in the survey makes the city of Marshall eligible for about $1,900 in additional Local Government Aid. However, the survey results are also useful for city planning.

“We’ll also take a look at it (the survey results) to get feedback from the public,” Martig said. Data from the survey can be considered during the city budget process and used to help improve city services. For example, Martig said, feedback on the condition and maintenance of local streets could be used as evidence of a need for faster repairs. The only catch, he said, is the survey needs a bigger number of respondents to be helpful.

The city performance survey consists of 12 questions and is available at www.marshallmn.com. Survey responses will be accepted until June 25.