Traveling the world

LYND – It’s fun during the summer for kids to do activities and socialize with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. All that was provided by the Lynd, Russell-Tyler-Ruthton and Hendricks public school districts, which sponsored a two-week culture camp that includes books, arts and crafts, music, gym, food and games.

The camp, which takes place at Lynd School and is in its second week this week, is for kindergarten through sixth grade and runs from 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The day includes breakfast, lunch and snack time.

“Ninety-five kids are participating,” said Jason Swenson, the Lynd principal.

The theme this year is “Cruising the Continents.”

“Each classroom has a different continent to study,” said Roshawn Sook, a Lynd teacher.

Children go from station to station, studying their continent on iPads, doing artwork or playing a game.

In Sook’s and Caryn Douglas’ classroom, the focus was on South America and Europe.

“We studied architecture and built buildings out of toothpicks and gum drops,” said Sook. “We studied the artists of Europe and South America.”

In another room, kids explored Antarctica through the book, “Tacky the Penguin,” by Helen Lester. Students cut out a penguin shape and affixed a shirt and tie to their penguin using donated wallpaper samples.

Morgan Brust, a third-grader from Russell, said it was fun to participate in activities in the summer.

“I have gymnastics camp coming up in July,” she said.

Brust attended the culture camp in Lynd with her cousin Rylie Serreyn from rural Tyler.