Notice of Cancellation of Contract for Deed

June 20, 27, July 4, 2013


Minnesota Uniform Conveyancing

Blanks Form 30.41 (2011)


Default has occurred in the Contract for Deed (“Contract”) dated June 11, 2010, and recorded on June 16, 2010, as Document Number 186547 in the Office of the County Recorder of Lyon County, Minnesota in which Kip C. Foster, a single person as seller, sold to James Martin, a single person as purchaser, the real property in Lyon County, Minnesota, described as follows:

Part of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SW 1/4 SE 1/4) of Section Four (4), and Part of the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NW 1/4 NE 1/4 ) of Section Nine (9), all in Township One Hundred Eleven (111), Range Forty-One (41) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a point on the northeasterly line of Main Street prolonged southeasterly 802 feet southeasterly from the southeasterly line of East First Street in the City of Marshall, Minnesota, and running thence northeasterly at right angles with said northeasterly line of Main Street (8) rods; thence southeasterly and parallel with said northeasterly line of Main Street a distance of 60 feet; thence Southwesterly at right angles to last line to the Northeasterly line of Main Street; thence northwesterly along the said prolonged line of Main street 60 feet to the point of beginning.

The default is as follows: Failure to make March 2013, April 2013, May 2013 and June 2013 for a total payment of $800. Total cost of $1591.16 and failure to pay 1st half real estate taxes for 2013 of $136.24. Failure to keep home owners insurance policy in place or bid.

The conditions in Minn. Stat. 559.209 have been complied with or are not applicable.

This notice is to inform you that by this notice the seller has begun proceedings under Minnesota Statutes, Section 559.21 to terminate your contract or the purchase of your property for the reasons specified in this notice. The contract will terminate 90 days after (the first date of publication of this notice)

(strike one)

Unless before then:

(a.) The person authorized in this notice to receiver payments receives from you:

(1) The amount this notice says you owe; Plus

(2) The costs of service (to be sent to you); Plus

(3) $ To apply to attorneys’ fees actually expended or incurred; Plus

(4) For contracts executed on or after May 1, 1980, any additional payments

becoming due under the contract to the seller after this notice

was served on you; Plus

(5) For contracts, other than earnest money contract, purchase agreements,

and exercised options, executed on or after August 1, 1985.

$ (which is two percent of the amount in default at the time of

service other tan the final balloon payment, any taxes, assessments,

mortgages, or prior contracts that are assumed by you); or

(b). You secure from a county or District Court an order that the termination of the contract be suspended until your claims or defenses are finally disposed of by trial, hearing or settlement. Your action must specifically state those facts and grounds that demonstrate your claims or defenses.

If you do not do one or the other of the above things within the time period specified in this notice, your contract will terminate at the end of the period and you will lose all the money you have paid on the contract; you will lose our right to possession of the property; you may lose your right to assert any claims or defenses that you might have; and you will be evicted. If you have any questions about this notice contract an attorney immediately.

The name, mailing address, street address or location and telephone number of the seller or of an attorney authorized by the seller to accept payments pursuant to this notice is

Name: Kip Foster Seller

Mailing Address: PO Box 93, Pennock MN 56279

Street Address or Location where the Seller or the Attorney will accept payment pursuant to this notice: 320 N. 1st St., Pennock, MN 56279

Telephone: 320-295-2465