Lyon County Board of Commissioners

June 21, 2013


April 2, 2013

A Summary of the Proceedings of the Lyon County Board

9:00 a.m. Pursuant to notice the Lyon County Commissioners met with the following members present: Commissioners Anderson, Goodenow, Ritter, Sanow, and Stensrud. Also present: County Administrator Stomberg and County Attorney Maes.

MSP to accept agenda with additions.

Consent Agenda:

1. Approve Minutes from 3-19-13

2. Approve Commissioner Warrants132950 133020 04/03/13 in the amount of$124,690.03.

3. Approve Auditor Warrants 132915-132946 dated 03/21/13 in the $114,038.59; warrants 132950-132964 dated 03/28/13 in the amount of $62,290.88.

4. Approve Per Diems & Expenses

MSP to approve Consent agenda

MSP to approve the Resolution to Support Funding for AMC Transportation. (Resolution # 11-13 on file in County Administrator’s Office)

MSP to approve the 5 Year Land Records contract extension with Fidlar.

MSP to approve resolution to enter into master contract with MNDOT. (Resolution # 12-13 on file in County Administrator’s Office)

MSP to fix the intake tiles on CD 60B at the ditch expense and monitor drainage.

MSP to authorize damage payments of approximately $9,000 per acre to the landowners of the one rod grass strip for JD 6.

MSP to authorize ditch inspector to request seeding quotes to seed the one rod grass strip, approximately 4.94 acres to JD 6.

MSP to approve the first six items listed on the Budgets Appropriations list.

MSP to approve allotment of $10,000 to MACC transportation.

MSP to fund the Small Business Development at $10,000.

MSP to leave Southern MN Tourism Association at $0.

MSP to authorize chair to sign a letter of sponsor ship to Southern Prairie Community Care with MCIT.

MSP accept the three year abatement for Advanced Technology Housing pending approval of the County Attorney.

MSP to hire Abby Wikelius as Assistant County Attorney with starting salary $48,529.38.

MSP to move Aaron Thibert from part time Dispatch to full-time position with Dispatch and Correctional Officer.

MSP to advertise full time eligibility list for Correctional Office and use this list to hire part-time Dispatch as needed.

MSP to approve the position description for the Parks Manager.

MSP to authorize to advertise, interview and hire the Parks Manager position.

MSP to approve the $1,500 outreach matching grant to the Historical Society to create Veterans Honor Wall in Lyon County.

MSP to approve the $1,000 to Prairie Home Hospice.

MSP to move into closed session for LELS Contract discussion.

Closed meeting pursuant to Minn. Stat. 13D.03 for LELS Contract Discussion; Deputy, Jail/Dispatch, Sgt.

MSP to come out of closed session.

MSP to approve the Deputy and Jail Dispatch LELS Contracts.

MSP to move into closed session for Twin Lakes Park Land Purchase.

Closed meeting pursuant to Minn. Stat. 13D.05 Subd. 3 (c), (3) for Land Negotiation Twin Lakes Park Purchase

MSP to come out of closed session.

Goodenow motioned to proceed with the purchase of additional 40 acres with Legacy dollars for Twin Lakes Park and Chair to sign all documents related to the acquisition, seconded by Stensrud.

Voting in favor: Stensrud, Goodenow, and Anderson. Voting against: Ritter and Sanow.

Motion passes 3-2.

Meeting recessed until 1:00pm.

A complete copy of these proceedings are available in the County Administrator Office of Lyon County, and also available at