Short takes for July 12

Roers’ presence will be missed

THUMBS UP: One more shout out to Betty Roers, who was instrumental in starting and maintaining Senior College for more than a decade. Roers has decided to move on from her duties at Southwest Minnesota State University and will surely be missed. Under Roers’ guidance, Senior College has grown and developed into a very popular program that turns seniors into students. It’s a wonderful concept, and Roers deserves much credit for keeping the program fresh and attractive to seniors from around the region.

Celebrating the 4th

THUMBS UP: Southwest Minnesota certainly knows how to celebrate Independence Day. From fireworks displays from Currie to Marshall, to the Parade of Flags in Hendricks, area cities clearly know how to throw a patriotic party. But there was one special 4th of July spectacle that really caught our eye last week. Lizzie Breczinski, a 14-year-old from Ruthton, took it upon herself to assemble a float for Ruthton’s 125th anniversary parade, which took place on the 4th. Breczinski, who has a second cousin who was in the military, did it to honor the troops, and it’s heartwarming to see a young teen recognize the importance of the sacrifices our troops make.

Minnesota needs to fight back

THUMBS DOWN: A billboard campaign by the Greater North Dakota Chamber is apparently shifting gears – a previous billboard along Interstate 94 in Moorhead didn’t go over too well and has been moved to Fergus Falls, and now another one will be put up near the Twin Cities. North Dakota is obviously taking advantage of recently-passed tax hikes and new taxes in Minnesota, and while Republicans will more than likely work to repeal some taxes should they gain control next year, we think it’s time for Minnesota to fight back in some way. How? That’s a good question. Perhaps continue with the billboard war, we don’t know, but if North Dakota’s campaign does indeed lure people and businesses out of Minnesota, Democrats in St. Paul who were all in on a broad array of increased taxes better be prepared to lead a charge to do something about it. We can’t take this lying down.