Night of Destruction to be featured at YMC Fair

The county fair season is upon us once again. Yellow Medicine County will be the first to begin today in Canby.

4-H is nearly synonymous with the word “fair.” Every year, kids in the county work long and hard to prepare for their exhibits.

Aaron Madson, 18, dedicated his summer after graduating from Dawson-Boyd High School to restoring an old corn planter. The planter had been sitting in his grandfather’s grove for some time, and he was ready to haul it to the dump.

“I decided that the planter was too nice to be just thrown away. It was patented in 1893, so it’s really old. We have an antique garden at our place, and I added it to the collection,” Madson said.

“I spent four to six weeks restoring it. I took it apart, sanded and painted the corn planter to exhibit at the fair. All of my spare time was taken up on this project. My dream is to restore all of the antique pieces we have. This is only the first,” Madson added.

Madson is dedicated to the Yellow Medicine County 4-H. Not only is he exhibiting the planter but also corn, beans and wheat.

“I had to dig through the bins to find the best kernels. Then, I put them in jars to show at the fair,” he said.

Madson is entering his graduation speech and showing lambs at the fair as well.

Along with 4-H exhibits, there are many opportunities for musical entertainment, bingo and grandstand events.

On Saturday, the grandstand will be home to the Night of Destruction. At 7 p.m., there will be a baha, demolition derby and a combine derby.

“We have changed the rules this year so that they are now the same as Swift County’s. That makes it easier for the participants who want to attend both events,” Mark West said.

“There are cash prizes for first, second and third place in all events,” West added.

The Night of Destruction will be the Yellow Medicine County Fair’s last event of the year.



8 a.m.-2 p.m. – Entry open class exhibits

8 a.m.-noon – 4-H livestock exhibit entry

8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. – 4-H Indoor project judging

11 a.m. – 4-H horse show/horse training

1-9 p.m. – Old school house open for visitors

1 p.m. – Pejihutazuzu Drum and Dance Troop, Heritage Center

1 p.m. – Bingo

2 p.m. – Dairy show

4-8 p.m. – Raptor Center – bald eagle, Heritage Center

4 p.m. – 4-H goat show

5 p.m. – Northwoods Country, pavilion, free entertainment

7 p.m. – Microsprints, grandstand

7 p.m. – Northwoods Country, pavilion, free entertainment

7 p.m. – 4-H swine show


8 a.m. – 4-H rabbit show

11 a.m. – 4-H poultry

11 a.m. – Bingo

1 p.m. – Menno Fokken, rope making, Heritage Center

1 p.m. – 4-H beef show

1-9 p.m. – Old school house open for visitors

3 p.m. – Goat milking, Heritage Center

4 p.m. – 4-H lamb lead/sheep show

5 p.m. – Larry Olsen Band, pavilion, free entertainment

5-7:30 p.m. – Cattlemen’s supper, 4-H building

6 p.m. – Ranch rodeo, grandstand

6 p.m. – 4-H Round Robin showmanship and Animal Jeopardy

6 p.m. – Lee’s Tae Kwon Do Association, Heritage Center

7 p.m. – Larry Olsen Band, pavilion, free entertainment


9 a.m. – 4-H ribbon auction/meet and greet reception following

11 a.m.-1 p.m. – Lawn mower pull, in front of grandstand

11 a.m.-1 p.m. – Bingo

Noon – 4-H State Fair meeting

1 p.m. – Cat and pet show

1 p.m. – Practice for fashion revue

1-9 p.m. – Old school house open for visitors

2 p.m. – Emily Bothun, Heritage Center

2 p.m. – 4-H fashion revue clothing show, pavilion

3 p.m. – Bramble Zoo, Heritage Center

4-6 p.m. – 4-H horse fun show

4 p.m. – Small animal show

5 p.m. – Starfire Band, pavilion, free entertainment

6 p.m. – Sand box hunt

7 p.m. – Night of Destruction, grandstand


9 a.m. – Exhibit release for 4-H and open class

10 a.m.-noon – Clean up