Garden gadgets

There are always new things coming our way via technology. There are so many different kinds of gadgets that can help not only the green fingers of the garden but also those who sport brown fingers.

The first garden gadget has been around for a little while and for those who have been using it, they have been finding it a great labor saving device – the collapsible garden debris container. The pop up design allows you to carry it to areas of your garden without trouble, and when you are done with it, it can be stored by hanging it on the garage or garden bench wall.

Aerator shoes for your lawn are also something that has been around for a little while – they are basically attachments for your shoes with spikes on them that would make baseball cleats look tame. The long spikes help to punch those tiny holes in your lawn in order to help aerate your lawn and help relieve compacted areas of your garden.

There are some really neat soil testing equipment ideas that are on the market as well. I don’t think they can replace a good soil test by your local soil testing lab, but they can help you to determine if you need a soil test or not.

These testers are often times electronic and can give you immediate results for NPK. In this same category is houseplant waterers, ultrasonic cat deterrents, plant sensors, power plant growing machines, solar plant pots, digital plant pots, practice plant pots (complete with electronic flowers), sun systems (greenhouses), solar powered bird repellers and solar-powered pond fountains.

There are other devices that are a little bit out in the world for most of us gardeners, such as wearable gardening stools, spinning squirrel deterrents, cordless rotary mowers, mini tillers and cultivators, water garden gloves, special bulb planters, combo rake-shovels, power sprayers, foldable utility garden carts, rewinding rain removal systems, bug zappers, trakes (trowel and a rake), grow light systems, shrub sculptor and mini power rakes.

There are, of course, a multitude of programs for your computer, iPod or iPad device as well.

These programs can help you with everything from identifying diseases and insects, to planning your garden to keeping an electronic journal of your daily gardening activities. There are some that are out there that are free while some can be rather costly (especially if you compare it to a simple notebook you purchased for 10 cents during school supplies sales).

Even for those who write about gardening, there are more apps out there for our use then what we could possibly use in a lifetime. It is fun, however, to try out a couple of items to see just how they might help you in your daily routine in your garden.

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