Ready for the show

REDWOOD FALLS – Redwood County 4-Hers were preparing for the long weekend of showing and presenting on Thursday morning at the Redwood County Fair.

One Vesta Viking, Calli Newton, 13, was showing off her calves and a photograph of a kitten.

“I’ve been working with my calves since this spring. Every day, I spend three or four hours with them. I have to halter break, wash, brush and walk them,” Newton said.

“My stepdad had wished that he was in 4-H when he was younger, so he encouraged me to join five or six years ago. I love it,” Newton said.

There are many different categories and age groups that the participants can compete in. The grand champion goes to the state competition in each category. Megan Schmitt of the Milroy Go-Getters is one of the many grand champions.

“This project is called ‘Let’s Take a Hike.’ My family and I went to Yosemite National Park in California. We went hiking, so I came up with the idea to do a project on hiking safety,” Schmitt said.

On the poster board, there were photos of her family hiking and the safety equipment they used. Also, she included a list of 10 safety steps.

“I took the pictures as we went along. I came up with the tips for safety after. It was a fun trip,” Schmitt said.

Schmitt was also the reserve champion in consumer education.

“Last summer, my mom was in a triathlon. They had written her number in Sharpie marker on her arm so it wouldn’t come off in the water. A couple days later, we were at the lake putting on sunscreen. When my mom put sunscreen over the number, it disappeared. That gave me an idea,” Schmitt said.

“I decided to do my science fair project for school on ‘the best way to get off permanent marker.’ I tried sunscreen, nail polish remover and soap and water. I came to the conclusion that sunscreen works the best,” Schmitt said.

“After the science fair, I decided to enter it in this summer’s fair. I’m glad I did,” Schmitt added.

She has been in 4-H for six years and went to state last year.

Not only does Schmitt have projects on safety and consumer education, but she also entered in two different art categories and shows cattle.

Kids from all over Redwood County who participate in 4-H were excited to see how they did on their projects. They set up Wednesday and didn’t see the results until Thursday morning. Everyone was energetic about the fair starting.

Thursday morning was the time to show many of the animals. Horses, chickens, ducks, and rabbits were all shown before noon.