‘One Voice’

As summer is quickly passing, Marshall is gearing up for its big celebration: Sounds of Summer. Soon all the fall activities will be under way.

In March 2012 a new group was being formed called: “One Voice for Seniors.” It was formed to bring together all the senior service providers in Marshall to have a unified voice for seniors.

One Voice for Seniors has been busy making strides over the last year. First their mission statement is “To promote a healthier and engaged community for seniors thru one united voice”.

Second the areas of focus for the group are:

Gerontology services and providers in the medical field. Great strides have been made. First step has been reached where we have a CNP with gerontology focus or interest doing patient visits in two senior housing complexes. Best way to see the senior’s health issues is in their own environment. Seniors have appreciated the service.

Caregiving- a work still in progress. Support and promote the caregivers conference. Help support those programs that are offering caregiver support.

Keeping seniors active: Group has done dances at a central location. A big dance is coming up from 4-7 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 14, at the YMCA. The Shieks will provide the free entertainment and food will be available for a small fee. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

Newest venture: Age friendly businesses. We have met with the Downtown Business Association and explained the program. Once a business has met criteria in the areas of:

Access to the business/organization by phone

Physical access to the location

Layout/lighting of the site

Customer Service

Website ease of use

They would receive the designation of being “Senior Friendly”. Any business may do this.

Contact the Adult Community Center if your business is interested.

One Voice for Seniors hopes the community realizes and appreciates the value, vitality and wisdom the senior population brings to our community.